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3 Ways To Phrase Effective Tarot Card Questions For Real Answer

Asking the right and meaningful questions for the tarot reading is important for getting more efficient, significant and insightful answers. It would help you to become better in your profession and make your clients understand and work on their situations better.

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If you are a tarot card reader, you have to deal with many clients with their various kinds of questions on a regular basis. What if your clients are confused about how to phrase a perfect question for your tarot card reading. According to a Tarot coach, there are some rules on for both reading and asking questions. Let’s find out the pattern of questions-

Ask Open-Ended Questions For Better Results:

Answers which end with a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ are called the close-ended question. If your question is “Will I get a promotion?’ and the reader might end with answering ‘no’. But you may find that you are not satisfied with the answer and you want to know more. So let’s say that you should not go for open-ended questions, which will leave you confused.

Ask a question like, ‘What should I do to get a better result on my work front? Or ‘how should I prepare myself to get a better position?’. This would be the right question to ask. Your reader will find it more valuable and easier for them to answer. They can point out the way to work on your question.

Your Question Should be Based About Yourself:

In a tarot reading, you need to focus your questions on yourself. If you are the client, you must ask questions which are focused on yourself. A tarot reader does not want to infringe on any other person’s privacy. Instead of asking “Is my partner having an affair?” it will be better to ask “How can I work to improve my relationship with my partner?” or ‘How will I be able to retain the love of my partner?’.

Stick To Present:

You cannot change your past, so it is futile to ask past related questions. It would be more beneficial for you if the focus on your present situation which will affect your future. Do not go for “Did I make the right choice?’ you know you have already made the choice, and there will be no more value of the question. Ask ‘How can I draw the pattern to overcome my current situation?’. Focused on “How”, “When”, and “What”. You will get clarity in your answer and your reader would feel more satisfying to her/his answer.

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