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4 Proven Ways That Can Tell You about Your Past Life

The human mind is always curious to unveil fascinating facts. Learning about past lives is an enthralling experience for human beings. Vedic astrology and some other branches of science have opened up the doors to the past. Everyone is curious to discover the awaiting facts of the future; however, the past always has secrets that can change your present and your future!

If you’re having irresistible desires of plunging into your past life, then approach any renowned Vedic astrologer in Australia. They will undoubtedly answer all your queries. Vedic astrology is 100% proven and the oldest form of science that can tell you your past life story. It is essential to know the same. Your deeds of the past will shape your future. Hence, if you’re wondering about the cause behind the current miseries in your life, then indeed, the answer lies in the past.

Apart from Vedic astrology, you can also opt for the following ways to find out reliable information.
1. Horoscope Reading

It is believed as per Vedic astrology, the past life of a man shapes the present happenings. A horoscope is based on this science. Lagnas which are used for reading the horoscopes are in reality the connection between the past and present life. The astrologers during this analysis check the 12th house of the individual as the same depicts the condition during the last birth. Hence, horoscope readings reveal the fates of the individual based on the condition of his last birth.

2. Tarot reading

Although this might seem like a broader version of magic, tarot card readers can effectively tell you about your past life. Unlike astrology, tarot reading is fun. However, you have to ask relevant questions to know about your past life to the reader. The knowledge of the reader is limited to finding answers to questions. The more pertinent questions you ask, the better.

3. Karmic astrology

This branch of science primarily deals with the concept of reincarnation. Astrologers believe that karma of deeds of your past life eventually results in good or bad situations in your present life. With this branch of science, you can seek an explanation of your present behaviours, fates, and destiny regarding your past life. The astrologer practising this branch of astrology deals a lot in celestial bodies like the sun, moon, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu.

4. Numerology

This is another ancient branch of science where different combinations of numbers are used to analyse the past and present life of an individual. Astrologers generally uses advanced mathematical calculations to check what numbers have to say about your life. The major pieces of information that should be correctly given to a astrologer are – birth date, birth time, name’s spelling etc.

Anuradha Sharda is a trusted name when it comes to Vedic astrology and tarot card reading. If you want a sneak-peak into your past deeds, then book your past life consultation date with us. Let our experts assess your present conditions and help you with your past. Know your past faults and build a better present.