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A Complete PANCHANG Analysis – Donald Trump

Panchang Analysis

DONALD TRUMP, an American businessman, television personality, author, and politician who is the 45th and current President of the United States, in office since 20 January 2017. He holds the distinction as the oldest person ever elected to the presidency.

He made a fortune estimated at $1 billion by finding and buying losing properties and turning them around. The fourth of five kids, he grew up in Queens, the son of a self-made millionaire in real estate. In 1968, he graduated business school. In 1975 he made his first purchase of a run-down hotel and began his history of renovations.

Tithi – Purnima
Vaara – Friday
Karana – Bava
Nakshatra – Jyestha
Yoga – Shubha
Hora – Sun



Maansagari Chapter 1, Effects of Birth on Purnima

A person born on Purnima will possess property, be learned, fond of food and industrious by nature. He will be desirous of other women.

As per Yavana Jataka, he will have bountiful of things, stable success, be contented, exceedingly felicitous and a noble person.

As per Jatak Parijata, he will uphold family prestige and be opulent and delightful.

Hora Ratnam Chapter 2, Effects of Birth on Purnima, Shloka-476

A person born on Purnima will possess an abundance of things, will have the steadiness of fortune, ever satisfied highly fortunate and highly virtuous.


Tithi Born on – Purnima
Tithi Deity – Full Moon
Planet or Tithi Lord – Saturn
Division – Jaya
Tithi Element – Venus


Full Moon is the Tithi Deity

Full Moon gives him wealth and good fortune. However, it also gives him the narcissistic attitude and the great desire for other women. He may seem to have an access to a lot of inside information but it may be his downfall. It also gave him the ability to be arrogant and to cheat.

Saturday is the Tithi Lord

Saturn as the Lord of the tithi sitting in his posited in his 12th House of losses. It is the 6th Lord of prarabdha and the 7th Lord of open enemies. 6th House also denotes laws and litigations from Government agencies. Here we can see that he was time and again pulled to task by the Justice Department and the Revenue Department.

The combination of Venus and Saturn in the 12th House depicts that he would be having relationship issues with women and would be facing a backlash because of them. As the Lord of the 7th House, he would be facing great financial losses on account of partners – business and personal. He had to pay huge alimonies to his ex-wives. Also, there were major allegations about him as to passing rude and risqué comments about ladies on work and elsewhere.


Jaya means victory. It can be seen in his Presidential elections through and through. He won the Presidential elections at all costs.

“His campaign received extensive free media coverage; many of his public statements were controversial or false. Trump was elected president in a surprise victory over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. He became the oldest and wealthiest person ever to assume the presidency, the first without prior military or government service, and the fifth to have won the election while losing the popular vote. His election and policies have sparked numerous protests. Many of his comments and actions have been perceived as racially charged or racist.”

His hotel and casino businesses have been declared bankrupt six times between 1991 and 2009 in order to re-negotiate debt with banks and owners of stock and bonds.[185][186] Because the businesses used Chapter 11 bankruptcy, they were allowed to operate while negotiations proceeded. Trump was quoted by Newsweek in 2011 saying, “I do play with the bankruptcy laws – they’re very good for me” as a tool for trimming debt.

He had to achieve success at all cost and the highest order by any achievable means.

Again, Saturn the Lord of Jaya helped him achieve repeated success.


Venus the Lord of his 3rd House and the 10th House gives him relationships at workplace. He did have to work hard and use unfair means to garner wealth. 3rd House is also renovations and Trump made his fortune from buying run down places and renovating them.



Day of Birth – Friday
Hora of Birth – Sun (5 mins Sagittarius)
Element – Fire/Mars

FRIDAY – These people are beautiful, handsome, like to wear white, a very rare Intelligence and artistic Eye for beauty and creativity. They try to follow the good path and are worldly yet secretive. If Venus is weak they can be supercritical and spoil their ability to admire beauty. A weak Venus still gives them the ability to appreciate beauty but they set such high standards that no one can live up to them and so they may feel unhappy perpetually.


The person born in the Hora of the Sun wants to be strong and powerful and find their own place in the world. They actually act with energy, strength, courage and a sunny nature. They aspire for positions of strength but the problem arises if the Vaara Lord is Saturn which oppresses the Sun’s vitality or Monday which smothers their personality. A good relationship is possible if Sun and Saturn are well placed to each other and the same goes for the Sun and Moon. If that Vaara lord is combust, the Hora lord, here being Sun, can take over the energy of the Vaara Lord also. This is most likely to happen in case of Mercury which gets combust by Sun very frequently. The water elements conflict with the fire element and so can create a dual personality, sometimes they can be as hot as the vapors and sometimes as cold as ice. They do not know how to use their energy properly and this can make them hard to understand. Monday with the Sun Hora will be emotionally hot and cold whereas Friday with Sun Hora can become sexually so.


Friday is ruled by Venus. As a person born on Friday, Venus for Donald Trump is placed in the 12th House in Cancer. Cancer is a water sign and hence Venus prospers well in this sign. Venus gets exalted in the 12th House of the natural Zodiac and is very comfortable in that position. In fact, as per most classics, Venus in 12th to any planet enhances the ability of that planet. Here Venus in 12th to the Lagna enhances the Lagna and Mars sitting in the Lagna. As his Venus is with an Avayogi planet, it shows a poor quality of abuse of women. He has a long history of being derogatory towards women. In fact, it is most likely that his downfall will be because of a wise and beautiful woman.

Sun the Lagna Lord is placed in the 10th House of Taurus belonging to Venus. It gives him a very strong personality with a vigor and bent of mind to achieve success. As associated with Rahu, Sun is afflicted and so Trump restores to any means to attain success. He has the habit of speaking before thinking as Venus is the Lord of the 3rd House of Oratorship and he can be very risqué in his speech too.



Karana of Birth – Bava
Karana Lord – Sun
Karana Deity – Vishnu
Element – Mercury


People born in this Karana Aspire for success and power. They are good leaders, wealthy, scholarly and passionate. They have a love for music. However, a badly afflicted or a poorly placed Sun can depict arrogance, despondency, poor leadership qualities. They constantly seek support when the Sun is afflicted and when the Sun is well posited are in a great position to provide support to many.

These people should keep in adding new techniques and innovative methods to their work. Change from time to time is important for a healthy success in their life. They should maintain a steady flow of water at the workplace. They should collect rainwater in a glass bottle and store it in a proper place. Having an aquarium or a fountain would bring increased the success in their life. Work related to water would be good for them.

Hora Ratnam Chapter 2 effects of Karana Sloka number 581

One born in Bava Karana will be extremely lustful or intoxicated, liberal, rich and happy. He will discard religious or righteous conduct be lordly and head of an army.

The deity of the Karana Lord Vishnu gives him the ability to preserve and function well.

Sun, the Lagna Lord and the Lord of the Karana is placed in the 10th House gaining much strength by way of digbali or directional strength. It is placed with Rahu in an earthy sign of Taurus, thereby giving strength to the element of Karana. 10th House is the house of profession and ability to reach great heights. Rahu in the house of profession gives him the ability and the obsession to reach the greatest of heights in his profession. Sun is placed in 10th House, an Upachaya House which helps him grow in his profession.

Mercury the element of the Karana is placed in its own house in Gemini in the 11th House. 11th House is an Upachaya House. It represents gains and profits. Mercury is also the Lord of the 2nd House of wealth. Being the Lord of the 11th in 11th is wealth giving association.



Nakshatra of Birth – Jyestha
Symbol – Circular Amulet (Umbrella/ Earring)
Deity – Indra
Planet – Mercury
Element – Air/Saturn


Trump lost his elder brother at an early age due to alcoholism and succeed his father in his business. Trump is highly competitive and is always the first to secure his position. He is a very authoritative person, to say the least.

“In the tape, Trump said: “I just start kissing them … I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it, you can do anything … grab ’em by the pussy.” During the recording, Trump also spoke of his efforts to seduce a married woman, saying he “moved on her very heavily”.

Trump’s language on the tape was described by the media as “vulgar”, “sexist”, and descriptive of sexual assault. The incident prompted him to make his first public apology during the campaign, and caused outrage across the political spectrum, with many Republicans withdrawing their endorsements of his candidacy and some urging him to quit the race. Subsequently, at least 15 women came forward with new accusations of sexual misconduct, including unwanted kissing and groping, resulting in widespread media coverage.”

A strong tendency for lust for opposite gender and an addiction for power is seen.

He has a tendency to have a foot in the mouth syndrome and also has a very temperamental nature which can be attributed to his nervous energies.

  1. Eldest
  2. Egoistic
  3. Authoritative
  4. Indulgent
  5. Dominating
  6. Fond of Power
  7. Addictions
  8. Lust for Opposite Gender
  9. Competitive
  10. Nervous Energy


  1. Protection
  2. Consolidation
  3. Cover
  4. Guardianship
  5. Modifier
  6. Royal umbrage
  7. Beauty and attraction

Born with the proverbial silver spoon in his mouth, Trump was given the company created by his father and paternal grandfather and was always protected by his father on all fronts. He became the guardian of his father’s firm at a very early age on the demise of his elder brother. He has the ability to play with laws to create a form of cover for himself.



Yoga of Birth – Shubha
Yogi Planet – Sun
Duplicate Yogi Planet – Venus
Avayogi Planet – Saturn
Yoga Deity – Lakshmi
Element – Air/Saturn


People born under this yoga have a shining or a healthy aura around them. They are Attractive, eminent, have grace, virtuous and are capable of advising people. They are achievers and always happy. However, they may suffer on account of a weak constitution. These people earn a lot of wealth in their life. They earn prestige, honor and a name in society. They should always maintain balance in their work and the benefit of everyone. They should not restore to illegal, unethical and antisocial behavior to increase profits in their work. It is, however, necessary for them to show anger at times.

As per Horaratna chapter 2 Yogphal Sloka 23,

One born in Shubha yog will be truthful, very fortunate, writer, bereft of anger, very pure, modest and will cause happiness to others.


  1. Bestows Wealth, Fortune and Prosperity
  2. Goddess of Abundance
  3. Eight Kinds of Wealth
  4. Self Knowledge
  5. Good Luck
  6. Fortune to Spouse After Marriage
  7. Giving
  8. Knowledge

Lakshmi as the Deity of this Yoga gave him bountiful in terms of wealth, fortune and prosperity. Good Luck in all his endeavors also followed him in whichever field he chooses to work on.

Sun as Yogi Planet and the Lord of the Lagna posited in a directionally strong house, the 10th House has given him immense success in business and profession and brought him the highest achievement – The Presidency of the United States of America. However, associated with Rahu, it can bring about some shady dealings also- especially when it happens in the Artha or commercial sign of Taurus.

Venus as the SahaYogi – Venus as the SahaYogi planet brought him an international name as it the 10th Lord situated in the 12th House. It also brought him allegation from women from the workplace and lawsuits from many pertaining to his way of working. It is also the 3rd Lord of behavior and speech and as such even with his controversial speech, he does get publicity – one way or the other.

Saturn is the Avayogi planet and also the Lord of the 6th House, the House of Prarabdha. It is also the Lord of the 7th House of open enemies.

INFERENCE FROM THE CHART – Most important planets in the chart are



Panchang Analysis

Around March 15, the 10th House of the Tithi Parvesh chart would be in operation.

Saturn the Avayogi of the Natal chart is placed in the 7th house of open enemies and is retrograde.

Saturn is also the Lord Of the 8th house of sudden activities and sins of the past. It is also retribution.

Being the Lord of the 9th House of judgment and jurisdiction, it can provide DIVINE Justice. Also, Sun, the Yogi planet is placed in the 12th house of losses and jail.

Rahu aspects 10th H and A6 is also placed there. His AL is in 11th H. So, from there 8th H will be activated.

MA and Ketu are placed there. Retribution by government agencies can be experienced. There are chances of major upheaval in his life during that period.

As the 7th Lord Rahu transits over the 7th Co-Lord Saturn, there will be a change in the scenario and powers as Saturn and Rahu both denote change. There will be a fall around the 15th of March when Rahu moves over his Natal Saturn.