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All You Need To Know About Solar Eclipse

When the full moon passes in front of the sun, it prevents the light from reaching us. It is known as Solar Eclipse. The moon can block the light fully or partially. When it blocks entirely, it is known as a total solar eclipse. It is a rare astronomical event, and the site is mesmerising. It is visible from that specific area on Earth where the moon’s shadow falls. There are four types of solar eclipses. They are Partial solar eclipse, Annual solar eclipse, Total solar eclipse and Hybrid solar eclipse. Every type of solar eclipse has its impact on Vedic Astrology.

Few Unique Facts About Solar Eclipse
The speed at which a solar eclipse’s shadow can travel is around 5000 km/hr.
The longest recorded total solar eclipse has a duration of 7.5 minutes.
Every year, 2 to 5 solar eclipses are recorded from all over the world.
The short solar eclipses can finish within a few seconds.
In some religions, people believe that the eclipse is a sign of God’s power.
A Solar eclipse happens every 6 to 7 months.
The temperature generally stays between 5oC to 20oC during an eclipse.
The Various Stages Of Solar Eclipse
During a total solar eclipse, the sun goes through different stages depending on the moon’s position before it. It starts with a solar eclipse and proceeds towards a total eclipse. Even during the total solar eclipse, the sun’s atmosphere is visible. The moon keeps on moving, and it again turns into a partial eclipse. While some last for few seconds, others last for few minutes.

Few Questions About Solar Eclipse Have Been Answered
• “Are Solar Eclipses Dangerous?”
Trying to view the eclipse directly with naked eyes can impact them. If the sun’s radiation reaches our eyes, retinal burns can take place. You might notice the damage after hours.

• “Can I Protect My Eyes By Wearing Glasses?”
There are particular glasses available in the market which you can use to protect your eyes when viewing the eclipse. You can even try the handheld solar viewers.

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The first Solar Eclipse of the year 2021 will be visible on June 10, 2021.