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All You Need To Know About The May Babies ‘Taurus’

It is the time to deal with the most hot-headed sign ‘Taurus’. The upcoming month is dedicated to Taurean! Taurus falls between April 21- May 21. According to Vedic Astrologers, It is the second astrological sign of the zodiac. Taurus is a symbol of ‘Bull’, the element is Earth and ruled by Venus, just like Libra.

Taurus is being known for the most reliable sign, practical, looking for the beauty in everything. They are trustworthy, loyal, a true lover, dedicated in their work. Though they have many positive traits, they also hold many negative traits. Let’s find more about the Taurean qualities-

Positive Traits:

You are Independent And Self Dependant:

Being a Taurean you always want to be independent and willing to hold this quality every time. You always want to make things on your own without depending on anybody.

You Got Patience:

You have patience with everything. You want to finish a task perfectly rather than finish it in a mess.

A Persistent Of Everything:

You get what you desire. You put efforts to get it no matter what the situation is.

Taurus Keep Their Feet In The Floor:

It means you are very down to earth and you love to keep it simple. Success really can’t spoil you.

You Choose Quality Over Quantity:

No matter how many friends you got, you will prefer quality friends over quantity. You wants friends who care for you, not a fake ones.

You’re A Definition Of Love:

They are extremely compassionate for their loved ones, the most caring, and most lovable.

Here comes the Negative Traits:

The Most Stubborn One:

Being a bull sign is not easy to challenge a Taurean. In a heated argument with the Taurean don’t get into a fight. Just listen to them. They won’t change their decision anyhow.

Laziness In Your Blood:

Though you are patient, you are lazy also. If you don’t feel like to do the work, you won’t.

Possessiveness Can Destroy You:

You have a possessive nature, which can destroy any relationship. Sometimes it gets to jealousy. Not only it ruins the love relation, but it can also ruin a genuine relation too.


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