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All You Need To Know About Tithi Pravesh

Time And Tide Wait For None’

                                                      – Irish Proverb

Let’s start with an instance, in that way you can understand accurately.

It’s a short story of a businessman, who suffered from loss for not giving the priority to the time at the ‘right time’. Mr. Desai, an aspiring businessman, wanted to start his food business. But we all know that every business needs a license first. After completing the basic formalities at his shop, he came with the thought of license. However, when he went to apply for the license, he heard that he could apply within a period of two months. Assuming, he had two months left in his hands, he didn’t apply any soon. After about one and a half month later, when he went for his license, he faced some major problem and he missed the window of the time and had to wait for 1 extra year to kick-start his business.

One should not take ‘time’ for granted, as we all actually are dependent on time. So, why face the delay? Is there any option to save yourself from this kind of situation sooner? Do not waste your time for there is an option to save yourself, that is through astrological help. According to the Vedic Astrologer in India, Tithi Pravesh chart can help you to be aware of the how things would unfold for you in the coming year. Let’s see how it works-

What Is Tithi Pravesh?

Tithi Pravesh is the annual horoscope of Jyotish in Vedic astrology. This chart is created every year of life-based on the date when the Sun and Moon return to the same degree and sign wise position in the chart. Tithi is the Vedic date of the lunisolar calendar and is a measure of the angular displacement of Moon from Sun. Pravesh means entry (or return). Tithi Pravesh Chakra is the chart drawn for the birth moment of Tithi for its return every year.

Some expert Vedic Astrologers define the Tithi Pravesh chakra more precisely and briefly. To Analyze Tithi Pravesh Chart there are total 3 elements you need to understand, that is Weekday, Lagna and Hora.

A proper Tithi Pravesh chart can help you to know about the auspicious time and inauspicious time you face in your life in any particular year.

When is the time right to do a particular activity in the year? When will you get a new opportunity in life? You can get all answers by the Tithi Pravesh consultation. Recently I have started Tithi Pravesh consultation, if you feel you need to know about how it works and how it will help you, then visit our Tithi Pravesh page now.