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Animals of The Nakshatra and Their Behaviour in Human Life

A person having a key planet like the Lagna, Lagna Lord or the Moon or the Sun in a particular nakshatra exhibits certain basic characteristics of the animal of the nakshatra. As the Sun talks about the way a person is likely to conduct himself or herself principally, Sun in this nakshatra talks about the principle one upholds. Moon here talks about the mental state or psychological make up of a person and the way a person thinks. Finally, the Lagna and the Lagna Lord talks about the way a person usually works on a physical level.

Dhanistha nakshatra is ruled by the female Lion. The lioness is smaller than the male lion but is more agile and speedy than the male. Additionally, the female lionesses hunt together in packs, which increases their chances of capturing a prey successfully greatly. What is unique about the lionesses is that they live in a pride – a collection of lions where each one, especially the lioness has a specific responsibility to live up to. As the lionesses’ hunt and prey, they must develop their skill in hunting their prey. However, the lionesses, once they choose their role, they are very specific to that position and role in the group and during the group hunt for the prey. Hunting as a group gives a better chance for the lions to obtain food when they need it, and it is also less likely that they get injured while hunting. This also increases their rate of success at hunting which goes up from 1:6 ratio to 1:3 from success in hunting alone to that of hunting in groups. This also enables them to get better at their skill and then preying becomes easy for them as they are responsible for the cubs, the lions and the old and in firm in their pride. By hunting together, a group gets to hunt more effectively by stalking the herd from several directions at once, encircling it and finally, they exhaust and kill their prey by capturing it and killing it. Generally, the lioness lives with its birth pride for ever and eventually becomes a strong part of its group and shows a strong closeness with the mother and maternal side.

As a mother, the female lion is extremely territorial. What more, living in prides, if a nursing mother is killed, the other lioness of the pride, especially the nursing ones, rear the babies of that lioness and take care of it as its own.

We see this nature of the person with his or her Moon in the Dhanistha nakshatra. Sophia Loren with her Moon in this nakshatra shows a lot of love, care, and pride in her children and the people she called her own. Her desire to have legitimate children made her wait for them till her marriage was legitimised. Also, she took all precautions stated after conceiving them and is said to be very possessive about them. In fact, she shows all the traits of the female lion who stays loyal to her pride – her mother and sister for whom she started working from a young age of 15 years and protected them fiercely.

The male lion does not look after the cubs but just protects the pride. We will take this up with Purvabhadra Nakshatra whose animal is the male lion. When there is a need to hunt a large animal, the male lion also comes in the picture and is helpful in bringing down the animal easily and must be taken down with brute force. The male lions have typically been viewed as the lazy recipients of the spoils; however, they do hunt. The male lion also roars in a loud voice to make its presence felt. It should also be understood that the male lion is made to leave the pack at an young age of 2 to 3 years and has to fend for himself before he joins another pride by over powering the dominant male lion of that pride. So, the person would have to learn to fend for himself or herself from an early age and go on to establish their identity, just as is the case of Rekha Ganeshan who has her Moon in this nakshatra. She had to leave home and fend for her own self to help her mother out even though her father was a stellar personality in the world of cinema. She learnt to become careful and street savvy and eventually made a bigger name than her parents, especially father, in the world of cinema.

As also stated above, the person having Moon in the Purvabhadra nakshatra can be a very dominating person and have multiple relationships on the go. Hugh Hefner, the famous owner of the famous playboy mansion has his Moon in this nakshatra of Purvabhadra. Not too keen about his children, he did take care of their financial security.

The animal of the Sun, Moon and nakshatra shows a great influence on the psyche of the person and on close observation, a person can well trace the natural instincts and predict the natural behaviour of a person.