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    If you are planning to undergo Vedic Astrology online course in India, get in touch with Anuradha Sharda. Over the years, she has projected herself as one of the most renowned astrologers offering Vedic astrology consultation in India. She even organizes workshops at fixed intervals to make the learning process easier for her students.

    Get in touch with her and discuss your expectations from the course. She will either let you choose from one of her online courses or customize one to suit your needs. Even if you are attending the class with other students, you will get an equal opportunity for participation.

    The Courses that one take from our website are Prashna, Nakshatras, Panchang And many webinars related to Divisional Charts. These courses help you understand Astrology from various angles and go deep into the analysis. When one takes these classes and courses, one realises the core nature of the chart and is able to work on the chart in a better manner and is able make a great analysis. This makes you knowledgeable and also improves your competence as an astrologer. These courses can be taken by people who have the basic knowledge of astrology. With the basics of planets, houses and signs in place, one can build their knowledge on a deeper level.

    These courses contain dictums from classics of astrology. The Prashna course is based on knowledge acquired through various classics of Prashna and have many examples attached to it. The Nakshatra course has many features, including the tales of the Devtas which bring to the forefront the characteristics of a nakshatra. The time period of each nakshatra is also mentioned in many a class. How to find the timing of event is also taught in these Courses. The Panchang is Course is based on the five pillars of Vedic Astrology, the Tithi, Vara, Karana, Nakshatra and Yoga. As it goes, these elements are very powerful and define all the possible events in a person’s life and their timings by the parameters set to unravel the secret of each of the session. The Tithi talks about the wealth and relationship factor, the Vaara the energy factor in a person’s life, Karana represents the professional life and education, Nakshatra defines the mental framework of a person and the yoga defines the luck and protection life offers to the person and the good and bad periods of a person’s life.

    Learning Vedic Astrology online is very easy and time saving. As the Courses are available online and also for download, one can learn anytime according to their time schedules which makes learning flexible and easier. The fees structure of these courses is also affordable making it easy for all to purchase. With its in depth tutoring and analysis on so many charts, these courses are a must have for a serious student of astrology. These courses help in prediction of events and also help in basic analysis of the event and the person. As a result, the person can have great understanding and can accurately predict the how and when of the event which increases his/her credibility as an astrologer.

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    This consultation helps you to choose the right time for the right event so that you get minimum obstruction to achieve the best results.