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Checkout Vedic Astrology Prediction For 2021

According to Vedic Astrology, 2021 is the year which will bring a significant change to the world. Just a wrong move and you might fall from where you started. 2020 was considered to be a board of game when the pandemic hit the last year. There were numerous unexpected and sudden surprises which were wrapped with uncertainty and chaos.

When winter solstice started on 21st December 2021, Saturn and Jupiter came closer and such proximity was seen after almost 800 years. As we start a new year, astrologers are expecting a few more configurations. If you want to know how the year will treat you and what lies ahead, get in touch with Anuradha Sharda for Vedic astrology consultation online.

What Do Vedic Astrologers Think About 2021?
According to Vedic astrologers in India, 2021 will be a living room with prominent planets like Saturn and Jupiter sitting on the same house. It is considered to be a remarkable conjunction as the last time it happened was in 1623. The year is going to be filled with enthusiasm, opportunities and numerous other changes. People will get more experiences than usual. Even if you see a rise in tension during the initial few months, you will have to face fewer challenges in the second half of the year.

Know The Position Of The Planets
Since Vedic astrology is largely dependent on the position of planets, astrologers are paying high importance to Saturn and Jupiter. People with Capricorn zodiac sign will also have Pluto in their house chart. This is also a very rare transit which last happened in 1894.

Vedic astrologers are not paying much importance to the position of Pluto as it takes the longest time to travel as compared with other planets. In other words, the position of Pluto won’t impact our daily activities much as it takes around 248 years to complete one circle. You can expect its impact to last for generations if moving astrological signs. Once Pluto joins Jupiter and Capricorn, it will reconfigure the entire world. Not only will it challenge the global economy but also human rights and democracy.

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What Does The Position Of The Planets Signify?
Once you opt for Vedic astrology consultation in India, you will know what might happen if the three planets come together. Saturn represents purpose, Jupiter represents soul and Pluto represents death. These three planets will be the driving force of 2021 and help many people find a new life purpose.

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