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Effects of Vedic Astrology on Late Marriage Process

Famous Vedic Astrologers in India receives numerous queries related to late marriage issues throughout their career. Marriage is a matter of luck. If your time hasn’t come, you’ll not find the right partner. However, people fret over the same! They blame themselves for delayed marriages. Be assured that there’s no fault in you. It’s the fault of your stars! There can be instances of no-marriage yogas as well!

A combination of the celestial bodies makes up your present and future. If you don’t have the right set of planets, then probably marriage is not your fate. The 7th House is the most crucial House in astrology that is responsible for marriages. As per Vedic astrology, the 7th solid House ensures good marital life. On the contrary, a whole 8th house indicates negative relationship, sexual and marital life.

Which Planets are Responsible For Late Marriage?

If you approach any Vedic astrologer, they’ll point out the four major celestial bodies, namely the Rahu, Ketu, Saturn, and 8th Lord, are responsible for late marriage. Among all the planets, Saturn plays a vital role. That’s the reason you need to get a kundali prepared. The astrologer will let you know the position and strength of Saturn and also suggest remedies accordingly.

If the Saturn in your horoscope influences the 7th Lord, then surely you’re partner will walk in late! However, late marriages are not always a negative thing. The majority of the late marriages turn out to be successful. The simple science behind the same being both individuals get a lot of time to establish their financial base and become mature.

Moreover, the ascendants of Leo and cancer are often seen to encounter late marriages than the others. Apart from Saturn, Rahu and Ketu also play an essential role. If either Rahu or Ketu is placed in the 7th House even, then it creates Rahu/ Ketu dosha and this will definitely delay your marriage.

Venus in the male individual’s chart will determine the possibility of getting a life partner. Hence astrologers analyse the strength of the same. If venus is weak in a male individual’s chart, then the person’s marriage might get delayed as the probability of finding female counterpart decreases.

Situations of Denial or No Marriage in Horoscope

You might come across people who refrain from getting married ever. There can be several psychological reasons behind the same; however, stars and planets play a vital part in the same as well. In such cases, planetary combinations of late marriage are higher and more complex. In such cases, even any beneficial influence doesn’t work. Thus, without the correct data, it’s impossible to make a marriage happen. If you go against nature and get married, there’s a probability of a broken relationship at the end.

The 8th lord of the horoscope needs to be kept in check for people who have no interest in marriage. Young people are often curious and want to find solutions to the same. For those seeking answers to such queries, contacting Anuradha Sharda is the best option. She is a famous Vedic astrologer in India. She can help you check your compatibility levels, understand your spouse’s nature, and tell you the reasons behind late marriage.

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