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Hidden facts about Retrograde PART 1

For far too long retrograde planets have been misunderstood or not understood at all by too many students of astrology. Retrogrades are not really “all bad.” In fact, retrograde planets provide an alarming level of insight. However, their expression is subject to a number of factors.

For instance, Mercury direct loves communication being the Lord of the Natural third House of the Zodiac whereas Mercury retrograde tones down outward communication; one with natal Mercury retrograde hesitates and ponders before speaking out.

It being the Lord of business and accounts, helps one to establish a strong sense of business, if well placed and not afflicted. However, Mercury retrograde inspires one to recount possessions. When one is low on finances, we all aspire to safe rather than face bankruptcy. Retrograde Mercury also gives a very strong sense of business if well placed but such a business has an out of box approach.

Mars retrograde holds rage in check and calms what could be regrettable outbursts. A retrograde Mars is an internal energy which if channelized can give much structure and form and takes a step back from time to time to check on actual progress unlike the direct Mars which is always on the go and is bursting with energy.

Mars is one of the separative planets and a Mars placed in the 7th House, in addition to giving the Khuja Dosha, also makes the separation, if any, (if other planets support the same or the 7th House/ Lord is badly afflicted) with the spouse very acrimonious. Retrograde Mars in this House gives the Native the forbearance to accept and move ahead in life without much drama and animosity.

John McCormick in his book “The Book of Retrogrades dealt primarily with number of planets in a chart which were retrograde and he found that certain expressions of energy seem to apply to each given number of retrograde planets.

Number of retrograde planets Resonating Energy
None Expends enormous physical efforts
One Works alone, Achieves alone
Two Depends upon public acceptance
Three Determination to excel
Four Seeks Expression in Private
Five Solitary occupation
Six and Seven No conclusion

A Very glaring example is that of LADY DIANA – She had three Retrograde Planets- Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury. She had always wanted to be a people’s Princess and she became one. She did so under own steam and grit. She took her role as the a concerned Princess very seriously and nearly 3 decades after her death she continues to hold a place of love and respect in the hearts of millions across the world.


Mother Teresa is a well-known name. In 1950 Teresa founded the Missionaries of Charity, a Roman Catholic religious congregation which had over 4,500 sisters and was active in 133 countries in 2012.

She has a retrograde Saturn in the 6th House of Service and she served the Poor and the Needy with lot of love and compassion and single handedly set up her whole organisation.