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Importance of Past Life Consultation in Vedic Astrology

According to Vedic astrology, an individual brings forth the good and the bad energies of their past life into their present life. Thus, the deeds, commonly known as the karma of the past life, are the energy sources stored within you and channelised in your current life situations. In simple words, the past life deeds generally follow you throughout the present incidents taking place in your life. Hence, if you’re unable to get a suitable answer to the happenings of the situations in your life, then there’s definitely some connection with your past deeds.

To understand more about the past life influence, approach astrologers through some of the best online Vedic astrology consultations. Past life reading is not a vague concept. Rather it would be best if you got hold of a good and experienced astrologer to know in detail about the meaning of your past life deeds.

Astrologers can help you decode the past life with the help of a present horoscope. They can also conduct sufficient analysis of the current situations in your horoscope based on your past deeds.

Importance of Past Life Reading Consultation in Astrology

With the help of past life readings, the Vedic astrologer can establish a strong connection between the karmas and the individual’s present life. The analysis of the consequences of past life events will help you understand the repercussions of your actions in the past. Thus, Vedic astrologers, with the help of past life reading consultation, try to find the meaning of the auspicious and inauspicious situations that are currently occurring in the life of the individuals.

Specific indications in the birth chart about past life analysis

According to Vedic astrology, a few specific houses and planets in the individual’s birth chart are direct indicators of the past life events of the individual’s life. Two major specifications in the individual’s birth chart are indicators of the past life deeds of an individual.

Ninth house

The ninth house is the house of luck and fortune. The luck, fortune and prosperity that an individual can acquire in their present life depend on the positive energies that the native has gained in their past life. The analysis of the ninth planet shows the same.

Positioning of Jupiter and Saturn

Jupiter is one of the planets’ greatest benefits, while Saturn is the greatest malefic of all the planets. Hence a look over these two planets on the horoscope of the native shows the influence of the past karmas on the same.

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