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KalSarpa Yog – One of the most dreaded Yogs in Astrology- A Myth or Fact

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Karkotak KalSarpa yog

When the Kalsarpa yoga is formed from the 8th house to the 2nd house, it is known as the Karkotak Kalsarp Yog.

The native may have problems with respect to accidents and other obstacles in life.

The native may lose money in his business or can face lot of problems in service especially with the bosses on higher positions.

Friends can also cause problems and partnerships will result in cheatings and problems.

This Yog also causes problems from poison and can also result in akaalamrityu

Shanknaad KalSarpa yog

The yog formed from the 9th house to the 3rd house is called the Shanknaad/ Shankchood Kalsarpa yog.

This causes loss in business and also a lot of tension amongst family members.

The person can also have problems with government and can face troubles regarding government agencies and government work.

It can be seen that the person will have constant problems and will not be able to enjoy a peaceful and happy life.

 Paatak KalSarpa yog

The Yoga formed from the 10th house to the 4th house is called the Paatak Kalsarpa yog.

The 10th House is related to business and also illness to children. The 10th house and the 4th house also belong to the mother and the father so it can be seen that this combination can cause separation from parents and parents like figures in life specially during the mahadasha antardasha of Rahu.


Vishatak / Vishdhar KalSarpa yog


When Rahu Ketu are on 11th to 5th axis , this yog called Vishakat or Vishdhar Kalsarpa yog is formed.

This can cause problems in the eyesight, can also cause heart problems, problems from friends and relatives and loss of sleep. The native is compelled to stay out of the motherland or native place for a long time. The native can be afflicted with a long standing disease or illness.

 Sheshnag Kalsarpa yog

The Kalsarp yog that is formed from the 12th house to the 6th house is called the Sheshnag Kalsarp yog.

It is seen that such people who have this yog have huge number of enemies who constantly cause problems and losses to the natives. Such people face lot of losses including the loss of dignity and prestige in life.

Operations regarding eyes can also be seen. The native may lose out on important court cases in life.




The following are considered to be the period of tough luck for the native: –

  • Rahu mahadasha, Rahu pratyantar Dasha, the antardashas of Saturn, Sun and Mars,
  • During the middle age of the native, that is, between 40 to 45 years of age and
  • Whenever this Yog is formed in transit

It is during these times that the KalSarpa yoga is seeing to exert maximum effect on nature and it is during these times that he may suffer from physical, mental, financial and social losses . It is advisable to face this time bravely bring an end to the Karma.