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KNIGHT OF PENTACLES- The Persistent, Cautious and Hardworking Knight of the Court Card

A hard working, down to earth and extremely cautious personality is what we see in the Knight of Pentacles. The Knight of Pentacles is one of the most persistent person of the Court Cards. His tenacity to continue with a job to the very end makes him a very successful personality.

Unlike the other Knights, who are always on the forefront this Knight is steady and likes to remain firmly entrenched in his work. His dedication is the stuff legends are made of. is His accent to the throne as the King is because of his hard work and practical nature. Though he may often be seen behind the scenes, he is as protective and territorial as the other Knights.

He takes full responsibility of people whom he loves and would not shy from laying his life for them. He insists on perfection and applies this principle in all areas of his life. A person not lured by false hope, he tries to be candid about everything. The element of thrill of chase of romance that is seen in the other Knights is selectively missing in this Knight. This is probably because of his dedication to his projects.

In his projects being so involved, he develops a deep insight into them. This gives him the privilege to anticipate problems beforehand and iron out the kinks in his road to success. He is meticulous to the point of being inflexible and compulsive. His dark horse stands on all fours- determining the best part before moving along. Once the spot is chosen and goals set, it is nearly impossible to deter this knight from the path.

A headstrong personality, he refuses to listen to any reasoning once his mind is made up and has the ability to withstand opposition. His conviction leaves little space for compromise. He is a thoroughly convectional personality. He is in touch with all that is traditional and time tested. Traversing the known path is a better option for him and unlike his fellow comrades he is not willing to dive headlong in danger.


His practical and industrious nature make him rather physical than emotional. He is more swayed into action rather than conquest of the damsels in distress. However, because of this helpful nature the damsels see him as their shining knight.

He enjoys the materialistic side of life for which he is willing to work hard. He is way too driven by his goals to be lazy or fool around and have fun. No task is small for him and he tackles each one as furiously and unflaggingly as he tackles the biggest of all projects.

He believes in making his dreams come true and working tirelessly for them. The field ahead of him in the card are ploughed and are up for harvest. This indicates that we reap what we sow. Hence, we should be very careful about our thoughts and actions as they would eventually unfold in our lives as a resultant force. If we are willing to work hard we are well rewarded like this Knight. On the other hand, sloppy careless and lazy behaviour leads to disappointment in life.

The Knight in the reading asks us to take stock of our plans, see that all the Is are dotted and every contingency accounted for. He could ask us to set high goals for ourselves and then steadily move ahead to conquer and achieve them with dedication, patience, honesty and hard work.