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Know About Your Life And Career Through Dashamsha Or D-10 Chart

Professions and other life choices are such things that people are always overly cautious about. If someone is ambitious, one might want to know if he or she will be successful in the chosen profession or business. Especially in business, you would be more inclined to take a risk if you can know beforehand that you will most probably succeed. On the other hand, someone might not be as ambitious and rather would like to make life choices that would give them a simple yet happy life.

In such cases, Vedic astrologers In India would encourage you to see your Dashamsha or D-10 chart. All you would need to know is the Lagna of your birth, the Lagna lord, and dasha. There are 10 lords of Dashamsha:

Indra: The word Indra means the King Of Devtas.

Agni: The word Agni means fire, the Devta of Fire.

Yama: In Sanskrit, Yama refers to controlling, restraining, and curbing factors.

Rakshasa: Rakshasa implies belongingness with an evil spirit.

Varun: The word Varun is one of the names of Aditya and is in charge of the waters, both earthly and Cosmic.

Vayu: The word Vayu means Air.

Kuber: The is an yaksha, and is the treasurer of the Devtas.

Ishaan: Ishaan is the Supreme Ruler and also known as Param Brahma.

Padmaja: The word Padmaja is an epithet of Brahma, the creator borne of the Lotus.

Ananta: The word Ananta means endless, boundless, inexhaustible. It is also used for Sesh Nag, the giant serpent on whom Lord Vishnu resides.

Each lord has a different meaning when combined with one’s Lagna. You can know which profession or business will be best for you. You can also find what kind of life you will lead according to your D-10 chart. When it comes to famous persons Like Bill Gates, Aditya Birla, it has been seen that they get the right Dashas at the right time to rise to great heights.

You can know more about Prospects in Profession and Job, Importance of Lagna and Lagna Lord, 10th Lord in different Houses, Rise and Fall in Profession. For this, you are welcome to join the Dashamsha workshop available both in English and Hindi online on the 2nd and 3rd of November. This course is suitable for everyone from beginners to advanced. If you want to know more about this you can also watch the following video and the videos that are yet to come where Mr. V.P Goel will tell you about the Dashamsha.