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Love Marriage or Arranged Marriage? Vedic Astrology Has The Answer!

India is a land of traditions. Here we have arranged marriages as well as love marriages, the former being fixed by the parents. Marriage is an important event in our country and parents eagerly wait for the day of their child’s marriage. Vedic astrologers can make the job easy by accurately predicting the kind of marriage. If you want to know which marriage you’ll have, continue reading this blog.

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In Vedic astrology, we find the person’s fate through his or her Kundali. Your Kundali can also answer the kind of marriage you are most likely to have in this life. Various factors are responsible for love marriage. Let’s look at them thoroughly.

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Chemistry between the houses

The seventh house signifies the person’s marital life. On the other hand, the fifth house is related to pleasure, procreation, and self-expression. For sexual intimacy and hidden desires, look into the position of your eighth house. The eleventh house is the house responsible for any sort of relationship including marriage. These houses are taken into consideration for predicting love or arranged marriage.

Astrological Combinations

The foremost determiner to predict love or arranged marriage is planets in the houses and their astrological combinations. The important planet for love marriage is Venus. Let’s look at the astrological combinations for love and arranged marriages.

• Love marriage if Venus, Mars, or Moon is in the seventh house.
• If Venus resides in the first, fifth, seventh, eighth, tenth, and twelfth house, then there’s a chance of tying the knot for love.
• When the lord of the seventh house is placed in the first, fifth, and twelfth house, consider love marriage on the cards.
• If your seventh house is connected with the eleventh house, then it also indicates love marriage.
• If Venus is linked with the fourth house and ninth house or either with their lords, the marriage will be arranged.
• The marriage will also be an arranged one if Venus is connected with either Sun or Moon.

No matter the type of marriage, it is the success of the marriage that counts. Would you like to know about your life partner and marital life? Get marriage consultations from me by visiting Vedic Astrologer India.