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Marriage On The Cards? Get The Answer Only From Vedic Astrology

Marriage is a significant part of our Hindu culture. Our Hindu dharma recommends four Purusharthas, goals that every human needs to attain in his or her life. The four Purusharthas are Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha. Vivah Sanskar bonds two souls into one forever so that together they can achieve Dharma, Artha, and Kama.

Vedic astrologers in India can surely make an accurate prediction of your marriage.

But how do they do it? They follow certain rules or principles to determine the time of the marriage. An important thing that I would like to highlight is that a specific date and time can never be predicted by anyone. For instance, no vedic astrologer can confidently say that you will get married on 24th November 2022. But they can certainly find out the probability of your marriage.

So how do all vedic astrologers forecast your marriage? Simple, with the help of your Kundali. You’ll be surprised to know that your Kundali holds a lot of secrets about your life events, one of such is marriage.

Let’s look at the houses responsible for a person’s marriage.

  • The seventh house of your Kundali is in charge of marriage, it is also known as Jaya Bhava
  • The second house is related to material possessions and family, hence, it is also connected with marriage.
  • The fifth house is obviously related to marriage as it is associated with childbirth.
  • The ninth house of your Kundali represents major life events. Since marriage is indeed one of them, this house has a role in your marriage prediction.

The presence of auspicious and inauspicious planets also have an impact on your marriage. They can either give you an early or delayed marriage. Here’s a list of planets lucky for Vivah Sanskar.

  • Venus or Shukra, the supreme facilitator of marriage
  • Jupiter (Guru)
  • Moon
  • Mercury (Budh).

The appearance of Moon and Mercury in the seventh house will result in an early marriage, whereas for timely marriage, Venus, Jupiter, and Moon need to be strong. Obstacles in marriage or delayed marriage are caused by the domination of unfavourable planets as mentioned below:

  • Saturn (Shani)
  • Sun
  • Mars (Mangal)
  • Rahu
  • Ketu.

If Mars is present in the seventh house, it would not only cause big delays in the marriage but will also lead to an unhappy married life full of arguments. The same goes for other planets, they all are responsible for late marriages.

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