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Mars gets retrograde in Capricorn at 15 degrees in Shravana Nakshatra and it keeps retrograding till 27th of August till it reaches 4 degrees in Capricorn in UttaraAshada

The retrograde Mars along with Ketu in Capricorn has an impact in on all the Lagnas but before that, Mars represents energy in its prime force this is an outward expression of all that manifests for us in form of passion, in form of the enthusiasm that we put into our work, the energy that we expend in expanding a family is seen.

Mars rules over the Muladhara Chakra, the very seat of Survival. It is the seat that gives us the instinct of survival, the passion to procreate and the zest for life in general. When Mars is retrograde in a chart, these qualities go haywire as the individual is at a loss of what the retrograde planet has to express. The retrograde Mars simply does not understand where and how to channelise the inverted energy. So, the life and the procreation process and the instinct to survive may be very distorted. The individual may be found to give up on life and basic instinct of survival, feeling very lost, hopeless and caged in situations at all times. Energy levels are also found to be running low in the person. Patiently reviewing the situation, trying to see what the energy can manifest as because the energy does show its expression- no matter how- in a subtle manner, leading the individual to a very ecstatic state of being and then he or she wonders at the earlier state and his or her own foolhardiness. This in turn leads the energy to travel on to the next level.

Like the commander who directs the troops towards the enemy in the battle and is so very dedicated and focused about how the army has to apply its fighting abilities, does not match his capabilities in the same manner with the very same group in disciplining them in the camp after the war is over. It takes much effort and time on part of the commander to do just that when the troop has return inward to the camp and is in their own free time.

Let us see what this retrograde Mars in transit holds for each Lagna

For Capricorn Lagna

As one moves inwards and faces a shift in the energy levels, one would experience a great deal of lethargy and a feeling of helplessness at home and on the social front also. It is time to discover with intuitive powers of Ketu as to what exactly can be rectified to bring about a change in the situation. You might feel the need to isolate yourself from the social circuit but you need to hold on to the thought. In 2 months one would be back right there with a bang and on track. Mars as the Lord of the 4th house and The Lord of the 11th house representing home and social life respectively exalted retrograde in the Lagna brings about such effects.

For the Aquarius Lagna

Your work and is social life suddenly feels as having gone for a toss all of a sudden but please do not worry. This is just a passing phase which will help you move inward to realise what you can do to bring about a change in your methodology so as to become efficient and effective. Follow your dreams very seriously- dreams as in the ones you get when you sleep at night. You may find some answers that you have been desperately looking for. Certain subtle events in life or happenings can also indicate towards and answer. Feeling at loss with current happenings should give you an incentive to move in words in rely on your Intuition.

For the Pisces Lagna

It is time to give a good serious thought to your health and family. If things seem to be at a standstill, it is high time you found a way to restore them. However, it needs a great deal of introspection and research. You may feel frustrated and may just want to give up on the whole process but please hold on. Your intuitive powers are likely to guide you to your destination. Please try to direct your energy to maintain your job and your thoughts are likely to click at some level.

For the Aries Lagna

This period you may feel a little under the weather as regards your work and you may feel sudden changes happening in life. Being clueless about these changes can leave you with a feeling of helplessness. So take some time out to meditate on your problems in secluded place and you are likely to gain some energy and direction. Try finding some new avenues to increase on to your business. You are likely to gain energy and move with a go once Mars turns direct again provided you have given this period its due.

For the Taurus Lagna

You may experience certain amount of disbelief about your job, public life and my feel disconnected with the world at large. Your beliefs Mein really be questions or you may be questioning certain belief systems. It is time to release on your intuition and allow yourself the much-needed rest. Your public life may seem to be falling apart only to renew itself post August. Give yourself the breather and go for that much needed mud bath.

For the Gemini Lagna

The changes in life are leaving you baffled and directionless. With Mars as the Lord of the 6th and the 11th house you feel old issues regarding your career and legal or litigation issues revisiting you from the past. Happening in the 8th house of change, the changes that will leaving you baffled may seem to be suspended for the moment. Please do not be taken in by that. It so happens that now is the time for you to recuperate or think again. It is time when you are allowed to understand and form a plan such that one Mars gets direct again, you can accept the change in life with a lot of calm and fortitude. Please stay away from fights and litigations.

For the Cancer Lagna

The Yogakaraka is retrograde in the 7th house. Being the Lord of the 5th and the 10th House it is a time to do a deeper study about your career. It calls for sitting down and analysing as to which direction you would like to work in and to work out your passion in life. Also issues regarding second child may need bearing and further understanding and assessment. As regards those who want to cement a relationship into marriage, it is advisable to wait for some time before calling the shots.

For the Leo Lagna

As the yogakaraka, that is the lord in the 4th and the 9th is retrograde in the 6.8 make a rise to issues regarding health and marriage. It is seriously time to evaluate the marital status instead of looking for different avenues health issues of mother may also be a concern. It is time to review your values and job ethics so that they would help you move into a higher zone and bring about a more evolved status for you in your work and personal life. Homefront may seem demanding but a better analysis of the situation can streamline issues

For the Virgo Lagna

III not getting retrograde in the 5th house with Ketu calls for realising and reinstating decision regarding siblings, property and its proper distribution. It is time to be aware of your finances and to pay close attention to your loans and short-term investments. Reason the fluctuations of your spouse’s mood and try to find a balance in a married life.

For the Libra Lagna

As the 2nd Lord retrograde in the 4th house, it beckons you to take stock of your family and business. It is time for you to find the equilibrium between home and partnerships. The need to search and look into time management is a must. Even if you are offered a good deal for your property you should take heed and not sell it under any circumstances. It is so because Mars retrograde in the 4th house of land and being the karaka of land, you may get a better deal for the same property later. It is also the time to find the passion in your studies. Try picking up an old subject and pay good attention to it. Spending some time with your mother and revisiting and old home is a good way to regroup energy levels.

For the Scorpio Lagna

Lagna Lord retrograde with Ketu in the 3rd house is opening up immense possibilities to connect with the subconscious mind. This means the ability and the capability to bring about immense change in the psyche and the nature of the person is immense. Suggestions practiced at the right moment will bring immense benefit later on when Mars turns direct. It is also time to practice discretion as regards health and job and be open to suggestions regarding litigation. However, it is advisable not to start any litigation process.

For the Sagittarius Lagna

With the 12th lord and 5th Lord retrograde in the 2nd house, it is time to value your ethics and see into the career of your children. It is also the time for you to reassess what your children are up to and how you handle them and a time to look into the affairs of your children in general. It is time to delve into your spiritual practices as regards the mantra sadhana. Working on a religious level would do you good because it would enhance your power and prestige as this Mars turns direct. It would be good for you to look into the application of your intelligence which would help you garner wealth for yourself and your family. You have to be very careful about your travel plans and keep rechecking your plans time and again because your 12th lord of travels is retrograde. Your dream patterns should show you answers that would help you in a number of issues in life at the moment. If you are having a break in your love life not to worry because after 2 months it would be able to realise a lot of the pros and cons and things would be back with a bang.