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Mars and Saturn Conjuction




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Mars is the representative of Energy.

As per Phaldeepika chapter 2 Mars represents any work connected with kitchen or where work connected with fire takes place and one who uses weapons, goldsmith, Ram, cock and hen, vulture and a thief. Mars also represents things which come out from the bowels of the earth, siblings, cruelty, courage, war, enmity, enemies, enthusiasm, interest in the wife of others, lies, strength, courage, mental receptivity and joyful attitude, generosity, or high qualities, sinful or indecent activities, injury, commanders.

Saturn is time or Kaal

As per Phaldeepika chapter 2 Saturn represents longevity, death, fear, falling down from high place or to lose one’s status, to be an outcast, insult, sickness, sorrow, poverty, defame, sins, labour, impurity, backbiting, a bad name, calamities, impurity of the mind and be engaged in simple and bad activities, impurity due to death of someone else, steadiness, to live under the patronage of low people, laziness, fatigue, buffalo, death, things made out of iron, service, slavery or working for others in present when getting arrested, farm equipment. Saturn represent those engaged in the business of buying and selling oil, servants, low type of people, hunters, iron smiths, elephants, crow and cuckoo.

Together Mars and Saturn give the effects as follows-

If Mars Saturn be together in the 9th, 5th, 4th, the 10th or the 2nd one will have sons, relatives, virtue and wealth. One is unlucky and dirty if one has these two planets in otherwise than those mentioned.

Manteshwar in Phaldeepika chapter 10 sloka number 3- Mars and Saturn in 7th in Cancer gives a chaste and beautiful wife with an exception indeed made by. Saturn is not well placed and been the 7 gives an ugly wife with protruding teeth.

As per chapter 18 Sloka 3, When Mars and Saturn are together, then the native is unhappy and does not keep his promise. That is, he is a liar and gets a bad name. When Mars and Saturn at together the native commits acts of infamy. He is not truthful and suffer from mental anguish.

As per Jataka Parijata then native will be contentious but not intelligent. He will however be a lover of Music and drama and be dull witted. Mars and Saturn together in the 2nd may give various diseases.


According to Kalyan Varma of Saravali, In chapter number 15 sloka number 16, it is stated that if Mars and Saturn be together one will be a metallurgist, be an expert in jugglery, be deceitful, skillful in thieving, troubled by poison and be found of quarrels.

As per Jatak Bharanam, the native with this you will make weapons etc., be a skillful warrior, robber, liar and be unhappy.

As per Hora Sara, the native suffers from diseases arising out of bile and wind and also suffers mentally or physically from a chronic disease but if the conjunction takes place in 3rd, 6th, 10th or 11th house from the Ascendant he will attain high position, will be popular and famous.

Mars and Saturn also gives a flair for music and sports.

This combination in Scorpio often leads to multiple marriages.

In the Lagna-Mars and Saturn in Lagna curtails longevity. His prosperity is at ebb. He does not have cordial relations with his mother. But he is virtuous in contest, strife or warfare. However, this would not apply for Capricorn Lagna.

Example- Andrew Daulton Lee – Mars and Saturn in 11th House

Observation –

American criminal, a spy and traitor. Boyhood friends with Chris Boyce, together in 1975-1976, they sold stolen documents to Soviet Agents in Mexico City for $70,000. They used the money to finance a small-time drug trade between Mexico and California. In April 1977, they were both convicted of treason and received a life sentence in Lompoc Federal prison.

Lee was nicknamed “Snowman” for his love of cocaine. As of 1994 he was a model prisoner, not eligible for parole.

Analysis –

Mars and Saturn combine in the 11th House. Mars is the Lagna Lord and Lord of 6th House of fraud and cheating. Saturn is the Lord of the 3rd House of habits and 4th house of masses.  It is also the sign of fraud and deceit.


In 4th House this combination makes the native a sinner and devoid of friends and happiness. He will not have a comfortable life.



Example-  Diana Oughton Saturn and Mars in 4th House

Observation –

American revolutionary activist, a member of the 1960s groups SDS and the Weather Underground, otherwise known as The Weathermen.

Oughton died in the Greenwich Village townhouse explosion in Greenwich Village, New York City, when a nail bomb she was constructing with Terry Robbins, to be used that evening at a dance for noncommissioned officers and their dates at the Fort Dix, New Jersey Army base, to “bring the [Vietnam] war home”, detonated, destroying the building and killing herself, Robbins, and Ted Gold.

She came from a very affluent background and after spending 2 years in Guatemala with the American Friends Service Committee program (AFSC). There after seeing the poverty, illiteracy and hunger amongst many such issues, she changed to become a radicle who was almost ashamed of affluence.

Analysis –

Saturn is the Lord of the Lagna and 2nd House of wealth and family. Mars the Lord of the 4th and 11th House represents mother, motherland and profession, honour etc. With Ruchuka Yoga bhang (Mars in a Kendra from Lagna and own house but with a debilitated planet) gave her the apathy for homeland and made her the terrorist. Mars is also Arms and Ammunition and Saturn is time.

In the 7th House one is deprived of marital comforts. The native oppressed by other people. he is sickly and addicted to vices and leads a humble life. He has no happiness from children either.

EXAMPLE – Barbara Lynch (restaurateur) Saturn and Mars in the 7th House

Observation –

Barbara Lynch is a restaurateur. In 2014 she was the second woman to be awarded the James Beard Foundation Award for Outstanding Restaurateur, which honors “a working restaurateur who sets high national standards in restaurant operations and ownership.” The Barbara Lynch Gruppo includes the Boston restaurants No. 9 Park, B&G Oysters, and Menton (named in March 2014 one of the Top 10 Foodie Spots In Boston by USA Today).

Analysis –

Mars and Saturn gave the love for cooking – related to fire and technology. Belonging to the House of Saturn, the ill effects of this combination were mitigated and the finer points of it enhanced.

Example- Henry Ford II, Saturn and Mars in the 7th House


American entrepreneur and noted family, the eldest son of Edsel Bryant Ford and grandson of industrial tycoon Henry Ford. When his dad died in 1943, he became Vice-president of the corporation and took over as Chairman of Ford Motor Company in 1945 when it was on the brink of bankruptcy and made it the top rank of industrial power.

Henry Ford II proved himself as a capable administrator, modernizing plants and negotiating contracts with union labor leaders, whom his grandfather abhorred. Wildcat strikes abated immediately. When he took office, the company was losing about $10 million a month. New management teams eliminated all debt and showed $200,000 profit by the end of the following year. By 1953, Ford Motor Company moved back up to being number two in the automotive industry.

Ford had two daughters and a son with Anne McDowell, whom he divorced in 1965. His dependence on alcohol began to escalate. One year later he married Christina Vettore, who was described as “the most glamorous, sophisticated peasant in the world.” Ford became the golden boy of the gossip columns, but Vettore couldn’t cope with a husband who worked 60 plus hours a week.

In 1979 he stepped down from being C.E.O. of Ford, but did not relinquish the Chairmanship until 1980. Alcohol and the stress of being a corporate mogul began to deteriorate his health.

Ford’s marriage to Christina ended in divorce in 1980. That same year he married former model Kathleen DuRoss.

Source- Wikipedia


One is deprived of marital comforts. The native oppressed by other people. he is sickly and addicted to vices and leads a humble life. He has no happiness from children either.

He could not have any marital happiness because of his work. He was an par excellence administrator. He had to work under a lot of pressure from many fronts including his family and the unions that he negotiated with. He was also written off as a child because he was obese. He had to prove his mettle all his life.

In the 10th House One gets money through king with Mars and Saturn in the 10th House. He will also be punished by the government for a major offence. He is not truthful.










Example- Jan Leeming- Saturn and Mars in 10th House


Observation –

British BBC newswoman, perfectly coiffured and glamorous. Leeming was a victim of an ammonia attack when she came upon intruders at the BBC TV centre, 2/17/1987. She worked as an actress and presenter in Australia and New Zealand before becoming a well-known face on British television in regional and children’s programmes.

Analysis –

In the 10th House in Aries, with retrograde Saturn, Jan Leeming has had a well-established career. However, she left it all to move ahead and work with cheetahs.


Example-  Thelonious Monk


American jazz pianist and composer, considered to be one of the world’s most important and eccentric jazz figures and sometimes referred to as “The High Priest of Bebop.” Monk’s most productive years were from 1945 to 1965 when he put out a volume of work. From 1971-1972, he toured the world with “The Giants of Jazz” and in 1978 received a special tribute at President Jimmy Carter’s White House jazz party.

He began to play by ear as a child, then took lessons at age 12 after the family moved from North Carolina to New York. In the late ’30s he played piano with a traveling evangelist show. Primarily working with groups and small bands, he did gigs in New York and formed a big band in 1959 that played intermittently. The family stayed in one New York neighborhood which, in 1983, saw a portion renamed Thelonius Sphere Monk Circle.

His son, Thelonious Monk Jr., became a drummer and continues his father’s legacy and helped establish the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz.


Example –MARK LINDSAY Saturn and Mars in the 12th House

American musician, composer, vocalist, saxophonist, guitar and piano player. He was the lead vocal and sax player, clearly the star for the group “Paul Revere and the Raiders” of the ’60s and ’70s fame. The band from Portland, OR put out 24 singles and ranked in the Billboard Top 100, highlighted by “Indian Reservation,” 1971, which climbed to No.1.

While continuing to record with the group, he began a solo career on the side of which the top ten hit “Arizona” was a result. He did commercial voice-overs in the ’80s for Chrysler and Levi’s and toured the U.S. in the Classic Superfest.




Munch was born in Strasbourg, Alsace-Lorraine (a French territory at that period annexed by the German Empire). The son of organist and choir director Ernst Münch, he was the fifth in a family of six children. He was the brother of conductor Fritz Münch and the cousin of conductor and composer Hans Münch. Although his first ambition was to be a locomotive engineer, he studied violin at the Strasbourg Conservatoire. His father Ernst was a professor of organ at the Conservatoire and performed at the cathedral; he also directed an orchestra with his son Charles in the second violins.