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Medical Astrology- As Explained By Vedic Astrologers In India

As Virgil once had rightly said, ‘Health is the greatest wealth’. But often most people are not certain exactly what refers to being healthy. As per World health organization, health is defined as a living that is ‘not merely the absence of disease or infirmity but a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being.’ Let’s understand how medical astrology helps us to stay disease-free and attain a state of good wellbeing.

These are so many diseases around us that hospitals and new medical procedures keep blooming to manage them well. Even though the ultra-modern machinery for the healthcare industry is comparatively recent, health has been a prime concern among humans from a very long time. The Vedas form 5000 years ago is proof that Ayurveda and medical astrology has been practiced still then, all to ensure that people can lead a disease-free life. On one hand, Ayurveda offers excellent remedy and for almost all the health conditions, medical astrology determines which disease are more likely to affect an individual.

In case you are uncertain if celestial bodies can guide towards a healthier life, then think again. Every year, we go through season changes when different health issues like cold, flu, etc. become more a likely scenario. But simultaneously nature has bestowed seasonal fruits as well, which strengthens the immunity system of the body. And the diversified fruits and vegetable around us are enriched with vitamins and minerals that help us to stay healthy as well. Moreover, the vedic sages have gifted us the treasure of yoga. Each posture has its benefits and also most of the health condition can be managed if a certain yoga posture is practised religiously.

So, how medical astrology works? Well, there are 27 nakshatras in total. Each has its unique set of features and some health issues that are likely to occur. So, an expert medical astrologer can list out the regions in the body that might have some issue or some likely illnesses. And based on that, the respective individual can take proper measure accordingly.

So, medical astrology guides you towards a better, healthier life. But to attain that you have to eat right, maintain a good hygiene and get in touch with a quality healthcare facility.

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