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Mould Time In Your Favour- Learn Panchang Now!

What is the most crucial element that acts as the decisive factor for everything around us? It’s the time. How? Let’s say, ‘cancer’ is a medical threat that claims thousands of lives each year all across the globe. It is assumed to be deadly with no permanent cure. Often it happens, solely because they are addressed after its too late. Had it been seeking treatment in its early stages, it could have been possible to cure it completely. Or let’s say a pioneer business proposal that could have been made a fortune in a particular time, loses its potential if proposed or launched after 2 years or so. The exact same measure can result totally different when they are taken respectively in a ‘good’ time or in a ‘bad’ time. Catastrophic consequences come when crucial ‘time’ passes by. Believe it or not, GOOD TIME HAS CRUCIAL IMPACT REGARDING EVERYTHING.

Panchang | Anuradha Sharda

These are just 2 random scenarios that are happening around with someone or the other. However, you might actually miss out some good opportunity from day-to-day life. The Panchang or more commonly known as the Hindu calendar is a rather helpful tool in this regard. Panchang is an age-old Vedic aspect of measuring time to pick the most auspicious moments to carry out any specific task.

It is comprised of 5 elements, namely,

1. Vara

2. Tithi

3. Tithi

4. Nakshatra

5. Karana

Each of these elements has its significance in determining the fruitfulness of each day with respect to any task.

Picking a right date for starting any purposeful task can bring positive outcomes and this is what makes having a panchang very special. An accomplished Vedic astrologer can help you in this regard, mastering the elements will come handy. Though you can rely on any good Vedic astrologer to help predict a good time for, mastering the skills yourself will come a lot handier and convenient. There are not many ways you can learn Panchang. However, you can now learn it from your home itself, as I am offering online Panchang course. Apart from understanding the elements of panchang, I also offer insights with the help of practical examples along with teaching Mathematical derivation of each of the 5 elements and Remedial measures to help utilize the best time.

In fact, you can master them all in 15 weeks. To register your spot, visit,