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Nakshatra Prasna – Know About this Fascinating Branch of Vedic Astrology

Prasna, in the literal sense of the meaning, points to any question, query, or inquiry. When a query is put forward to an astrologer by a client, it is termed Nakshatra Prasna in terms of astrology. As we know, all answers lie in the universe; hence the astrologers create charts depicting the state and movement of the planets to seek the answers to Nakshatra Prasna. You can effectively undertake a Vedic astrology online course to understand this fascinating branch of astrology and try to find answers to your distresses.

What is Nakshatra Prasna?

Out of all the branches of astrology, Prasna or Horary astrology is one of the unique branches where the Vedic astrologer makes the prediction based on the exact moment when the prasna or the question has been posted. According to most Vedic astrologers, this is undoubtedly a very effective method of finding guidance in times of crisis if the right question is asked at the right time.

Although the birth date is not required for assessing the results, few astrologers take the help of Janam Kundli, and Varsh Kundli as the Karma of an individual is indicated through these sources.

You might be amazed at the specific results that you might get if Nakshatra Prasna is analysed effectively. However, you must approach an astrologer with sound and practical knowledge to get the same done. Moreover, an astrologer must be quick in making the calculations as the result changes with time. Hence, delay in the calculations can give rise to a completely different result.

Principles of Nakshatra Prasna

The general theory of Nakshatra Prasna is based on the following principles:

1. Nature of the query
An individual with queries about crises or relationships can get a perfect answer from this technique. Moreover, a client can effectively ask questions about careers, investments, and lawsuits as well.

2. Significator of Kundli
In Nakshatra Prasna, the Lagna or the ascendant of the client acts as the significator. Thus, the house that naturally governs the Kundli of the individual acts as the significator.

3. House of lords
In case of queries related to the professions, the 10th house of the individual acts as the significator. The significator must be related to the query as well.

4. Significance of moon
The position is very important in assessing the answers to the queries. If the moon’s position doesn’t fit the Kundli, the query might have some problems.

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