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MERCURY in Shravana from 27th January 2019 to 3rd February 2019


śravaa (श्रवण).—n (S)


2 The sense or the organ of hearing.

3.The twenty-second nakshatra or lunar asterism. śravaamanananididhyāsa

Hearkening or hearing, mentally revolving, and intently contemplating or considering. These three are the appointed exercises of all derived intelligencies towards the apprehension of Knowledge or Truth, i. e. Spirit or the Deity.

Sadā āvaē haribhajana ||

śravaamanananidi- dhyāsana ||

tēthē vikalpa pravēśē nā ||.

4. One who limps

Deity- Vishnu

The Shravana Nakshatra is ruled by Lord Vishnu, the one who resides in the SheerSagara or the celestial waters (technically ocean of milk). He resides on a bed of snake called the Sheshnag and is always in the Yog Nidra. He happens to be in the process of sustenance while lying down in that position. Though he speaks very less, he hears all that there is and much more. He is said to be very accomplished in all that he does and is also has a very practical approach to situations and the problems associated with it. He is said to employ the principles of tact and diplomacy to get work done in as conducive a manner as possible. Lord Vishnu is said to be very structured and methodical in his operations. There is a part by part planning in his doing and the bigger picture reveals itself in its tangible results at the very end. Lord Vishnu is held in highest esteem for his sense of judgement and his advice. Lord Vishnu, however, is very cryptic in his communication and his words have a deeper meaning than that seen on the surface.


Mercury in Sanskrit represents

1. Smallest Planet

2. An intelligent person

3. A Devta

Mercury is a young prince who is curious about everything. He is a very accomplished young price who is well versed even in the art of communication. He has a great sense of business. Mercury represents wit and humour in a person along with intelligence.

As per Uttarakalamrita, it represents a) Education b) Treasury c) Mathematics d) Knowledge e) Speech f) Infantry g) writing h) Green color i) Astrology and astronomy j) Commerce k) Eunuch l) Skin m) Worship of Vishnu n) Atharva Vedas o) Fond of north – west direction p) Well versed in Puranas or major epic q) Grammar r) Maternal uncle s) Yantras t) Very powerful Tantrik u) Self-control v) Devotion w) Navel x) Child y) Humility z) Strong at sunrise.

Apart from it, it also represents coordination, ideas and thought processes.


For the Aries Lagna, Mercury, the Lord of the 3rd and the 6th reckons us to work to the best of our abilities. It is a period when one must learn to listen to their inner counsel as the 3rd Lord in Shravan does cement this fact and one will do well in their careers and in their work space. It is also the time when one needs to think what one can do for others rather than expect from others as it is your Prarabdha Lord moving over your Karma house.


As the 2nd and 5th Lord moves over the 9th House, it is the time when you can feel lucky with many things coming your way. There may be a sacred journey to make or there may be some money coming your way. This is also a time for you to showcase your skills and garner attention of others. This will get you the much-needed popularity or visibility. Using your intelligence to further your luck is the call of the time.


For the Gemini Lagna, as the Lagna Lord travels into the 8th House of change and transformation, it could be a period where you would need to understand a lot of things about your own psyche and personality. Your ability to bring about this change in your life is much assisted by your 4th Lord of happiness transiting the 8th House of change. Meditations will help in bringing about this change as Ketu directs this change to a higher and more evolutionary level.


For the Cancer Lagna, as the 3rd and the 12th Lord moves in the Nakshatra of the Lagna Lord, it gives you an opportune period to bring forth your creativity and intelligence to the level of name and fame. On a public platform it has the ability to give an acknowledgement on an international level also and foreign travels. It is also a time when your inner voice needs to be heard and understood. Pay close heed to your dreams and intuitions.


For the Leo Lagna, the 11th Lord and 2nd Lord moves into the Shravana Nakshatra, it is time to take good care of your health. Pay close heed to your power of processing your abilities, your power of discretion and your ability to garner wealth from it would find a direction. Need to be aware of any pin point comments that you receive from your co workers and others employees. If you take it as constructive criticism, you will fare well in future.


As the Lagna Lord moves into the 5th House and the Sravana Nakshatra, it indicates a time for luck and learnings. It is a time when the luck will favour you as far as your business is concerned provided you follow the ethical path. Young children can be taught many things through the process of Shruti or Listening. This will leave a great impact in their life at this moment. It will also increase their thought process and sense of observation. The same holds true for all students.


For the Libra Lagna, it is the time of 9th Lord and the 12th Lord to transiting the 4th House. It is the time when home and family will need attention. Some expenditure may be required for it. You will do good to be in a playful mood while working with near and dear ones. This will help you solve a lot of problems very easily and successfully. Working on learning or studying something will be very fruitful during this period. There may arise an opportunity to apply for foreign education.


For the Scorpio Lagna, 8th Lord of scandals, change and transformation is moving in the 3rd House. This is a good time for you to trust your instincts and work on your writing and get yourself going. The Mercury or ideas in you are coming from a place within and it will do you good to listen to them and pen them down if possible. People who want to develop an out of box thinking can do so now and can develop a deep sense of intuition.


For the Sagittarius Lagna, the Lord of the 7th House of public platform and partners and 10th transit House of profession and professional acknowledgement transits the 2nd House of wealth and family. It is the time when you are likely to see an increase in your wealth and professional status. It is also likely that you will find some merriment and joy time with your family.


For the Capricorn Lagna, the 6th Lord of obstacles and 9th Lord of luck transits the Lagna. This is a time when you may face problems or come across road blocks in your work and day to day life. However, on quiet contemplation and working on the problem, you may observe that the very obstacle comes with its solution and answers. It is the time to act rather than react and speak good and speak carefully.


For the Aquarius Lagna, it is the time when the 5th and the 8th Lord transits the 12th House. Mercury represents ideas, thoughts and thought processes. It also represents communication. In the 12th House it implores you to redirect your communication inwards so that you can make inroads in your lives and direct it to your calling. Silence leads us to inner dialogue and you are likely to come to a greater understanding about yourself because of it, thereby undergoing certain changes in life.


For the Pisces Lagna, as the 4th and 7th Lord transit the 11th House, you could find yourself profiting from your partnership. It is the time when you will see some changes from the side of the family. Communication will help you work these changes our in an affable manner. As communication is a two-way process, try listening to the conversation before you come to a conclusion. Keep your ears on the ground and you may be able to click a business deal to earn a good profit.



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