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Rahu transits the Purvaashada Nakshatra Pada 3 in Gemini on 7th March as per mean nodes and 22nd March as per true nodes. These are calculations that are associated with this shadowy planet. It transits this pada for a period of 60 days.


Rahu is not a planet with a physical entity. It is a shadow planet which has a mathematical representation. However, this does not lower his importance in the planetary system. Known as one of the two Karmic control planets Rahu has a deep control over our Karmic pattern. The place that Rahu sits in our natal chart is the area where it diverts attention or implores us to focus our attention in this lifetime as that is the area that we need to work on for this lifetime. Ketu is the area of focus in life that we have already worked on in the past lives and so can be left for life to take the natural course. However, as the very creatures of habit it is often seen that we unconsciously drift towards the house in which Ketu is placed and do not make an effort to improvise the house in which Rahu is placed. In transit wherever Rahu advents, that is the house where we would focus all our energies on an hour required to pay the debts of that house It is seen that for those one and half year when Rahu transit se particular sign or and house for us that is the area which gets highly activated in our lives and Veer are drawn towards the activities of that house or those people.

As Rahu transits into the sign of Gemini moving into the 3rd Pada of Punarvasu Nakshatra and the last part of the Gemini sign, it is It is seen that the third house of the natural Zodiac gets activated. Generally in the male sign, the last six degrees are the Mrityu avastha.

Planets in which zone generally do not give the results in their full capacity. However, this being the Vargottama pada of Gemini sign, hence planets position in this Pada get highly activated and give results as per their representations.


The third house of the natural Zodiac relates communication in all its form be it the phones, the mails and the letters, the wireless and the internet. It also relates to the courage one shows in times of adversity, the patterns of our subconscious mind and are siblings.

An underlying principle related to these things would come into focus in our lives for the next one and half years. This would be in addition to the house that Rahu would transit as per our Lagna.



For the Aries Lagna, Rahu transits the 3rd House. This is the time when communication is at its all-time of high and most likely to show results. It is also the time when your travels will be on the increase. You are likely to get out of box ideas which will help you establish an identity of your own. As Rahu is in the House of communication and orator ship, you are likely to showcase your skills as an orator. You are also likely to show spontaneous acts of courage. Practicing Pranayama will help you streamline your thoughts and nervous energy.


For the Taurus Lagna, Rahu transits into your 2nd House. The 2nd House represents family, wealth and education. Rahu being the Karaka of different gives one an opportunity to accumulate wealth through different and unusual ways. It is also an opportunity for you to delve in learning a new subject. As Rahu transits this Pada for a period of 60 days, this period wields a great time for you to convert your unique ability into a wealth generating factor. It is also a time when you could get into some issues with people as regards your career. Please pay special attention to that factor and all will be well.


For the Gemini Lagna, this is the time Rahu transits the Lagna. The transit of Rahu on the Lagna brings in a lot of changes in life. As it transits this sign of Gemini, Rahu gets the mental facility for you going. It also brings in a lot of nervous energy for you. As you see the transformation in you take place as regards your self and your creativity, you may experience turmoil in life for the next 60 days. However, as Rahu is comfortable in the sign of Gemini and is said to be exalted in this sign, this turmoil will yield good results if you are able to give structure to your thoughts and streamline them into positive actions.


For the Cancer Lagna, it is the time when Rahu transits in your 12th House. 12th House is the house of international travels and charity. With Rahu transiting the Airy sign in the 12th House it is likely that you will have many a air travels. As Rahu travels the 12th House of charity for you, it is making you charitable in thoughts and should reflect in your actions also. It is the time when you are likely to be beseeched with dreams and may find very absurd dreams. However, you would do well to remember these dreams as they hold a lot of clues for you. It is also a time when you would be required to let go of certain things in life which may have passed their expiry date.


For the Leo Lagna, Rahu transits your 11th house. 11th House is the house of gains and lots of privileges. It denotes the achievements one makes. It is likely that the advent of Rahu in Gemini might bring in some gains or recognition for you. There is a possibility your being rewarded for some achievements or an increment coming your way. As this is the house of spouse and family, this Rahu transit brings into focus these two factors in your life. It is likely that past issues about spouse nd child may come up for you and it is your turn to resolve these issues in the next 1.5 years. Rahu in this house shows your ability to handle finances nd bring in more finances your way. This is also the house of discoveries and research for the Leo Lagna and it is likely for scientists to make new revolutionary discoveries in the world of communications in this transit of Rahu.


For the Virgo Lagna, as Rahu enters the 10 house, it transits the highest of the Kendras and an upachaya house. It is the time when you have the ability to give the best to your career as it in this transit Rahu brings in the Karma related to your profession to the forth. You are likely to find yourself in the zone of work and a change in the scenario is likely. For those looking for new opportunities for work should look in social media for support and guidance. It is a time when your work is likely to speak for itself and bring you a great sense of joy. There may be some communication glitches but you can overcome them with tact and diplomacy.


For the Libra Lagna, as Rahu moves into the 9th House for you, it bring in a change in your structured thought process about religious and traditional ritualistic attitude. It takes you towards seeing and observing things from a different angle. It also guides you to fulfill your Karma towards your elders and towards your Guru. There may be instances where your thoughts may not be on the similar to that of your elders and you may feel boggled by them but that is an area where you need to work out. It is also the house of higher learning and it is the time when you have the opportunity to start a higher learning. Students wntioto travel abroad for higher education will find it easy to do so.


For the Scorpio Lagna, as Rahu transits your 8th House, it heralds in a number of sudden changes in life. It is the house of sudden gains from litigations and legacies. It is also an opportune time for you to actively let go of situations and things you see slipping away from life. Holding on to them may create a maelstrom for you. As the 8th house also relates to diseases and illness, you should be careful about your health and well-being.


For the Sagittarius Lagna, Rahu transits the 7tb House. With this transit, Rahu has the task to teach one the pending Karma of association with the outside world, no matter what the inside has to do or offer. The 7th House relates to our partners and our interactions with people in general. This is the time when your communication skills with your partners will be tested and put to use. It is your ability and flexibility of Mind that needs to be examined and weighed. Situations beyond your control need to be let gone off and those in the present need to be nurtured and enjoyed. As an air element Rahu provides reprive through conscious breathing and Pranayama.


For the Capricorn Lagna, it is the time when Rahu transits the 6th from your Lagna. It is a great time for you as Rahu is said to do great when it is posited in the 6rh House. It would give you victory over your enemies and would see you rise up in life. It is also the time when you will be acknowledged for your efforts in your service. A fact that Rahu would like to teach all of us in the 6th House is that of selfless service. So, it is also a time when amidst all the accolades that you are collecting, you should spare sometime for the people who have less than you and extend your help to them. This would increase your value in their eyes but most importantly would have given you a sense and purpose beyond the mundane. An extending hand of help is always helped by the one who holds in mysterious ways.


For the Aquarius Lagna, Rahu transits into your 5th House. 5th House relates to children, spiritual practices, elders and intelligence. This is the time when you may find it difficult to hand your children for they may seem stubborn and unruly. It is a passing phase and needs to be dealt as such. You need to come to a common ground where you can understand their issues and try to solve them out. Your need to delve deeper into Occult helps you in this area. As this is also the house of celebrityhood and receiving acknowledgement from all around, you are likely to be praised in society. However, please be aware of any bad associations as they may get you bad publicity also. Maintain distance and do not be taken in by all the gloss.


For the Pisces Lagna, Rahu transits into your 4th House. 4th House denotes home and security. This period may see you shifting homes or being away from home for long periods of time. Which can be taxing on your comfort levels. It is also the time when you may feel a little overwhelmed by your duties towards the homefront. You are required to work on that area as per this transit. You would be called upon to take good care of your mother. Doing service to the old and dying is a good way to redeem the transit OF Rahu in your 4th House. For the students, using the virtual media as a means of instruction will be on the rise.


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