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Venus in Anuradha Pada 1st from 5th January 2019 to 17th January 2019

Anuradha Nakshatra

Anuradha Nakshatra is Lorded over Mitra, a form of Sun God. Mitra means a friend, a person who walks together, a wall, good hearted. So, this Nakshatra reflects these characteristics in abundance.

It acts as a protector to many and abhors violence but when push comes shove, he too is not beyond it. Like Varuna, Mitra is lauded as a god following ta, order and stability and of observances albeit with a smiling face and a gentle tone. Again, like Varuna, Mitra is the sustainer of mankind and of all Devtas. A characteristic unique to Mitra is his ability to marshal the people, that is he has the laudable ability to get work done out of people from various walks of life and being very diverse and opposite in nature – an attribute that appears to be peculiarly his. He is the binding factor in such cases.

In essence, it preserves and protects friendships and relationships. So, a person with key planet in this Nakshatra will be able to sustain good relationships till the very end.


The sign Scorpio amongst its many representations represents longevity of marriage, spouse’s finance, sexuality, research and sadhana amongst many others. Venus is the karaka of beauty and intelligence. It is also the karaka of sexuality. There are many a trait of Venus and Scorpio that are interlinking and connecting. With Anuradha it is associated with intelligence, learning and beauty. Venus being the Dev Guru, teaches us many a thing when it passes through Anuradha Nakshatra. It teaches us the ability to coordinate and share.

It also teaches us to be friendly or in consensus with the spouse’s family thereby keeping the spouse happy.


For the Aries Lagna, Venus transiting the 8th House provides one with the ability to go into deep meditation or learning as it also aspects the 2nd House of learning. It is a time when a person can view their marital status equanamously. It is said that Venus in the 12th from any planet, increases the value of the planet. With Venus in the 12th from many planets, the 9th House gets a moral boost. So, studies, especially higher education for the Aries Lagna can be done easily. However, it is a time when you need to be cautious about your behaviour and abstain from promiscuity for a better tomorrow.


For the Taurus Lagna, it is the time when your service and your capabilities have a chance to be approved and be presented before the world. This is a time when you are cautioned to be polite and not go into a lot of discussion which can take a wrong turn if it turns heated. Keeping your views to yourself, personally and professionally, and letting your work speak for you will help you in the future immensely. Keep your spouse happy and do not get into any scuffles with them.


For the Gemini Lagna, the 5th Lord transits in the 6th House creates an opportunity for you regarding job due to your intelligence and hard work. As Venus is the Lord of the 12th House also, it may bring in some foreign income. It is also possible that you would be making some expenditure as relates to your job. For those in a relationship outside of marriage, it may seem a good time but when Jupiter transits into Sagittarius in March this may prove problematic.


For the Cancer Lagna, it is a great time for students who will find it an opportune moment to increase in your set skills and also begin your studies and education. It is the time to put your intelligence into use as 4th Lord in the 5th House and the 11th Lord in the 5th House gives income on account of your education and skills. It is also the time for you to pay attention to your children and make friends with them.


As the 3rd Lord moves in the 4th House, it is the time for you to make structural efforts for home and security. If you plan to bring about changes in your home, small or otherwise, it would be a great time to do so. Taking up a passion as a formal study will give you benefits later on. There could be certain health issues with your mother and it would be good for you to take her to the doctors for a health check. Your siblings could experience a boost in their income too.


For the Virgo Lagna, the 2nd Lord in the 3rd House indicates a need to move out and make friends who will be an asset in the long run. Making friends who are like minded and helpful will be on the cards for you. You are in a position of getting desires fulfilled provided you know how to tap into that energy. You have the time to make friends and family members, especially spouse feel secure and loved so please spend the time on that front instead of wasting it on useless communications and gadgets.


For the Libra Lagna, the Lagna Lord goes in the 2nd House. It is the time when finance, yours and your spouse’s will be of utmost importance to you. You are likely to undergo some change as regards your family. You may decide to step into some matters as a counselor to get things resolved and work done. Your father in law too may need your help and you would do better to help him.


For the Scorpio Lagna, it is now the time to make most of your pending work come to fructification. It is the time when wise counsel and proper administration can lead to good money and luxuries. Travel is also seen on the cards.[6:34 PM, 1/4/2019] Anuradha Sharda: For the Sagittarius Lagna, it is the time when you are like to go overboard with your expenses. You are likely to spend more on friends and health care. So it is time to be cautious about your health. Be careful about indulgence.


For the Sagittarius Lagna, it is the time when you are like to go overboard with your expenses. You are likely to spend more on friends and health care. So it is time to be cautious about your health. Be careful about indulgence.


For the Capricorn Lagna, the Yogakaraka makes a transit in the 11th House. As it is placed with the 12th and the 2nd Lord, you are likely to have a good earning while simultaneously undergoing a lavish spending. It is time for you to go into the studies of Occult as there is a conjunction of your 5th and 12th Lord in the 11th House of research. There may a meeting of like minded people and you will enjoy the company throughly.


For the Aquarius Lagna, as the Yogakaraka transits the 10th House with the 2nd and 11th Lord, you are likely to be in the prime of your periods. This month will see you establish yourself in your profession and get much accolades and income from it. Children will also bring in joy. Your remedial measures or mantras are likely to show much colour in the coming month.


For the Pisces Lagna, as the 3rd and 8th Lord transits the 9th House indicating a change coming up in life which will prove to be lucky for the long run. It is a time when you need to heed to the counsel of your siblings and your family members so that you can take the right decisions and make right choices. Spouse’s family may give you some good news too.



6th January – Sunday

8th January – Tuesday

9th January – Wednesday