Anuradha Sharda Vedic Astrologer & Tarot Coach India

Planets Affecting Your Body Parts and Yogas to Strengthen It

Planets have a huge effect, both positively and negatively on our bodies. As per Vedic astrologers in India, there is a planet for every Nakshatra that affects every person under their influence. There are some yogas that can strengthen your certain body parts because of these planets. Here, I will tell you about only some of the planets, their elements, the body parts they affect, and the Yoga asanas you can do to rectify them.


The first planet that comes in mind is Sun whose element is fire. The parts of our body that affect the most are Heart, eyes, spinal cord. It is common knowledge that the most effective Yoga relating to the sun is the Suryanamaskar which consists of a total of 12 different yoga poses. Apart from strengthening the above-mentioned body parts, this yoga has a lot of other advantages which alone can help our body be better.


The next planet is the Moon. The element of the Moon is water. Moon has an influence on the kidney, stomach, uterus. The most effective yoga is Pranayam. It cleanses your body from inside and releases a lot of toxic elements.


This planet has a huge effect on your lungs, digestive system and your nerves. Balasana, also known as a child’s pose has a great effect on a person’s digestive system. Ardha Matsyendrasana can be a bit hard yet an effective yoga that benefits you in several ways.


The element of Jupitar is ether. It affects diabetes, liver, blood vessels, obesity, and excessive eating. You can do Pranayam in order to regulate your breathing. This, in turn, gives a positive effect on the blood vessels. You can do Pranayam for as long as you want to, even extend it for an hour. Other than that you can do Kapalbhati, Vakrasana, and Side angle pose.


Air is the primary element of Saturn. The skin and bones of your body involve this planet. It can affect your joints and asthma. Ustrasana or camel pose, trikonasana, and Sarvangasana are the major yogas that can help you nullify these problems.

Yoga is something that has been in our lives for centuries. It is a proven way to live a healthy and long life. So if you give a little more attention to which planets are affecting you and doing those yogas accordingly can benefit you in a long term way. If you want to more about these planets and their respective yogas or the other planets you can watch these videos.