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Samba was the son of Lord Krishna and Jambavati. He was a very notorious child and as he grew up his aggression and propensity for destruction grew more and more. He was also considered to be one of the most stubborn of Krishna’s children. It had so happened that Rishi Durvasa, Vashishtha, Narada etc. had come to Dwarka to visit Lord Krishna. Samba thought of playing a trick on the Rishis and trying to find out the power of the Rishis.

He disguised himself as a lady and hid a mace in such a way under his clothes that he appeared as a pregnant woman. With some of his brothers he then went to the Rishis and prompted one of his brothers to ask the gender of the child that the lady was carrying. On this act, Rishi Durvasa became very furious and cursed that the mace which Samba was carrying would be the cause of destruction of the entire Yadav race. The boys become extremely nervous and fearing for their lives, ran to Ugrasena who promptly got the mace finely powdered scattered in the sea. However, a piece of the maze could not be powdered and had to be thrown just as it was.

The powder of the mace grew to become the eraka grass which 32 years after the Kurukshetra war was the reason of destruction for the Yadav dynasty. The Yadav dynasty was also cursed by Gandhari to be destroyed in its entirety. The single piece of mace that could not be powder was swallowed by a fish which was caught by hunter who used the metallic piece as the arrowhead for hunting animals.

When the destruction of the Yadav dynasty was enfolding before the eyes of Lord Krishna he went in search of his elder brother Balarama and saw that Balarama to was letting go of his mortal body and emerging in the ocean to take his Eternal form as the Sheshnag. Knowing that his time was near, Lord Krishna then went and lay down behind a bush, under a tree and was contemplating on his own exit from this world and when an arrow hit him in his heel.

The arrow was made of the piece of mace which was not powdered. The Hunter had thought Lord Krishna’s feet as that of a deer and seeking an opportunity moment had aimed for the dear and killed Lord Krishna. The Hunter wept profusely when he found that his Arrow had hit Lord Krishna but Lord Krishna told him that he was destined to die in this manner because in his previous incarnation as Lord Rama, he had killed Bali from behind a tree. The Lord in his avatars also put forward the theory that our prarabdha always catches up with us and it is just a matter of time when the fruits are reaped.

Another instance was when Lord Rama had to conduct the Ashvamedha Yagna and as a result he had to get a gold statue of Devi Sita made for everyday of the Yagna as Devi Sita had been banished to the forests before the Yagna. The gold statues had undergone a process of Prana Pratishtha where by they were induced with life.

Many years later when once Lord Rama was moving through a secluded part of his Palace he came across a voice calling him. He moved into that room and he saw that the 16000 statues placed there were in a single voice repeating his name. When he went into their presence, they asked him to accept them as his wife. Lord Rama already given lady Sita a vow that he would remain married only to her and so he promised the ladies that he would marry them when he was born as Krishna.

In Krishna Avtar he freed 16100 princess from the clutches of Narkasur and gave them his name as he had promised in the Ram Avtar.

With these stories, we realise that Prarabdha is created by our Karmas. The Karmas of today become our Prarabdha for tomorrow and help in creating the Aagami Karma. The sum total of all our Karmas from all the life time form the Sanchita Karma.

The pattern of our karmas can be very clearly seen from the horoscope.

If the 9th house is taken to the past life house then the 6th house because its 10th that is the present 6th House becomes the past life Karma house.

The 6th house is the house of Health, and the shadripus, that is lust, anger, greed, illusion or Maya, madness and envy.

When the 6th house shows damage of afflictions we can very well ascertain that our past life Karma has come in form of Prarabdha and shows disease that would manifest in this lifetime as a result of the reports and the work associated with it in some past life.

Example – Dennis Allen

Australian criminal, dealing in drugs, guns, a suspect in multiple murders. Allen’s family has been well known to the Melbourne police. His mother Kathy Pettingill ran brothels and was implicated in criminal behavior. Two of his brothers were arrested and charged, but acquitted, of murdering police constables. Dennis and his brother Peter Allen were notorious drug and drug dealers.

Moon is the Lord of the 11th House of gains and contacts and Rahu Lords over the 6th House and is posited in the 6th House itself, giving delusional habits and a murderous tendency which he has carried from the past. As the shadripus have a very strong effect on him because it can be further seen from his chart that Saturn, the co-lord of the 6th House sits in his Lagna, which is again the 6th House of the Natural Zodiac, Virgo with a debilitated 9th and 2nd Lord of morals and truth – Venus. It gives Dennis a very strong propensity to do bad, without realizing that it would simply carry him on a spirally downward path as he has been carrying these tendencies from a past life and showed no remorse or care to break through them.

Example – Alexander Flemming


Scottish biologist, pharmacologist and botanist whose best-known discoveries are the enzyme lysozyme in 1923 and the world’s first antibiotic substance benzylpenicillin (Penicillin G) from the mould Penicillium notatum in 1928, for which he shared the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1945 with Howard Florey and Ernst Boris Chain. He was elected to the Royal Society in 1943, and knighted by King George VI in 1944.


The 6th House has Rahu and Moon, however, Rahu is not very strong here as it is placed in Scorpio. Moon too is debilitated and so is not very effective. So, the idea of doing ill to others does not take root. However, the ability to kill or annihilate would exist. In case of Alexander Flemming, we see that he was able to isolate and kill the bacteria and work on them. Moon is the Lord of the 2nd House of morals and values and also a Maraka. Maraka effect shows itself on the bacteria. Rahu is the Lord of the 9th House related to higher education and truth again so its propensity is not too bad. 6th Lord is placed in the 12th House of hospitals and losses and he is known to have donated his earnings for the purpose of research.

Example – Lata Mangeshkar

Indian singer, and occasional music-composer. She is one of the best-known and most respected playback singers in India. Mangeshkar’s career started in 1942 and has spanned over seven decades. She has recorded songs for over a thousand Hindi films and has sung songs in over thirty-six regional Indian languages and foreign languages, though primarily in Marathi and Hindi. She is the second vocalist to have ever been awarded the Bharat Ratna, India’s highest civilian honour.


The Lord of the 6th House in case of Lata Mangeshkar is Venus, which is also the Lagna Lord. It is seen that Mars and Ketu, Lords of the 7th House are placed in there. Lata Mangeshkar made a conscious decision not to get married. ( 1st House is self 7th Lord represents spouse and partnership. ) Placed in the 4th House, Venus represents her feelings of insecurity during her childhood due to the early demise of her father which resulted in her having to work hard from an early age to become the bread winner of her family.

Example – Prince Charles


British royalty, the first son of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip; heir to the throne of the United Kingdom. Although he has often seemed to be stodgy, cold and reserved, his friends consider him to be generous, loyal, thoughtful and kind, a man who always tried to do his best.

In royal tradition, after getting his degree he went into military training at 21, becoming a sailor, airman and soldier. He flew helicopters and spent five years at sea, getting his own command of a minor vessel. His favorite sport was polo, which he played with great skill and daring.


Jupiter the Lord of the 6th House is placed in the 6th House. Jupiter is also the Lord of the 9th House of legality of marriage, the luck factor and also represents Sahapatni or the extramarital issues. This Jupiter is aspected by Rahu from the 10th House of career, showing affliction and creating a yog for deviation from marital fidelities. As was the case with Prince Charles, he deviated from his marriage vows and divorced his wife. After her death, he married the love of his life.

Example – Warren Buffet

Warren Edward Buffett is an American business magnate, investor, speaker and philanthropist who serves as the chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. He is considered one of the most successful investors in the world and has a net worth of US$84 billion as of June 3, 2018, making him the third wealthiest person in the world.

With his wife Susan, whom he married in 1952, he had three kids. He and Susan decided to live separately in 1977 but remained married until her death in July 2004. One of his charitable foundations was established in her memory.


In case of Warren Buffet, the 6th Lord is in the 10th House. His wife Susan had separated from him because of his growing empire and her inability to follow her vocation in his shadow. 6th House is also the house of Sahapatni and although Warren had a live-in girlfriend, he did not marry her till his wife Susan had passed away. Debilitated 6th Lord in the 10th House with an exalted 10th Lord does suggest that work would be the reason for meeting and parting with his partners.

We are unwittingly drawn to commit the same mistakes of the past lives. The entire exercise of Astrology is to work out our Prarabdha and to wash out the Karmas so that we can move into the next cycle instead of getting trapped in the same lessons time and again.