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Full Horoscope Consultation Through Panchang Elements




Panchang Analysis:

The Panchang consists of five elements which rule over all the aspects of our life. The Tithi rules over our relationships and wealth, the Vara rules over our energy and the placement of the Vara Lord defines where we put our energy to use, the Karana rules over the career, the nakshatra rules over the thought process and thus our Karma and emotions while the Yoga tells us about our health and happiness. In this precise and pointed analysis we cover all the aspects of life with the specific timing of events. It allows us to know when and how a particular event is likely to transpire and also allows us to understand the good and bad periods of life.

If there an area of life which you may want to focus in detail like career, love, finance, relationships please let it be known in advance.

DURATION: 1 Hour  (60 Mins)

MODE: Zoom/Voice Call – Online Consultations

Recordings of the session will be sent to all after the consultation.

*Consultation will be done within 5-7 working days

Urgent consultation is available. It will be done within 48 hours. You can contact us on Whatsapp.