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KP Astrology Predictive Course – Hindi



Fundamentals of KP Astrology

A. Importance of K. P. Astrology
B. Division of Nakshatras
C. How to calculate sub lord
D. How to make 1 to 249 tables
E. Sub Lord theory
F. Difference and similarities between K. P. Nirayana chart and Bhav Chart
G. House significators.
H. Planet significators.
I. Vimshottari Dasha system in K. P.
J. Ruling planets.

Basic concepts of prediction
A. How to use sublord
B. Importance of Nakshatra Lord
C. Relations between cusp and planets significations
D. Use of house significations

Date – 9th February, 2020
Timing – Sunday from 10AM to 12 PM
MODE of teaching – Zoom
Recordings and Pdf available after the class.
Teacher – Dr. Uttara Sharma