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Nakshatra Analysis (A full horoscope reading)



As we know, there are 27 nakshatras in our Zodiac wheel. These nakshatras hold the blueprint to not just our nature but all the events that transpire in our lives. This reading helps one to understand the path life will travel in this lifetime. The strengths and weakness of a person is an important point to know and this nakshatra helps one to understand it clearly.

Focus on any area of life that requires attention can be mentioned in advance.

DURATION: 50 mins

MODE: Zoom/Voice Call – Online Consultations with a link to recordings sent after the consultation

Recordings of the session will be sent to all after the consultation.

*Consultation will be done within 5-7 working days

Urgent consultation is available. It will be done within 48 hours. You can contact us on Whatsapp.