Anuradha Sharda Vedic Astrologer & Tarot Coach India

Spritiual Counselling


We all desire to be happy and remain so always. However, there are certain number of debts that we need to pay in respect to each planet in all aspects of life or in some case, get paid by others. As we undergo this spiritual journey of nine weeks with one session at a time, we come to understand our nature and our course of life well. This helps us understand how we have handled our past situations and how we can handle the situation coming along the way and accepting certain things and people in life who are here to teach us certain important lessons of life.

With each planet holding different significance in different divisional chart, we understand the complexity and also the colourful role of each planet in our life. Through various types of remedial measures, we also understand how to bring about a balance and positivity in life.

A coordination and work from the other end help in getting excellent results.


IMPORTANT – Each topic takes around 15 minutes for discussion and clarification.