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Tithi Pravesha – Yearly Predictions




Transits are said to do the final delivery of the events in our charts. As the Tithi Pravesh Chart shows the chart of the New Year as per the Annual Birth Tithi of the person, it  deals with the transits and when read with the Natal charts, it shows clear enfolding of specific events, especially the Karmic events of the person.

The Tithi Pravesh is the entry of the Sun and Moon into an angle in the Annual Transit chart as the Sun returns to same sign as in the natal chart where the Sun and Moon form the same tithi or angle as in the Natal Chart. As the new Year starts for the native, it brings forth the events with the trigger of the transits read in the background of the Dashas.

High Lights

  1. Important periods of the Year
  2. Period requiringCare and Caution
  3. Area of Life that will take precedence over others
  4. Divisional charts are also considered for the year

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