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Saturn Retrograde in PurvaAshada


Purvaashada is the Nakshatra called Former Conquered. Ruled by Venus, its Vedic Deity is Apah – the Water Goddess. Purvaashada has the ability to withdraw the potential of people from within and bring it to light. The latent energy is brought to light and the person is guided to valuable insights in life.

The water has a property to wash off all impurities. This nakshatra functions in a similar fashion. It purges off impurities and posions like the feelings of jealousy , disease, hatred, ignorance etc, thereby preparing for the final victory – materially and spiritually. When the potential of the person is realised, a point in life may come where the person may think that he is the conqueror and the creative powers are his instead of acknowledging the Grace from above. This can seem to go to the head of the person concerned and they can try to act God at a number of places. The person can undergo some trying experiences and situations in life to go through the test of life and for his/her true potential to be unearthed before the person can achieve great heights.


Planets and bodies can appear to be moving backwards in the sky for a period of time, and are said to be retrograde. “Appears” is the key word here, because, technically speaking, no planet actually moves backwards in their orbits around the Sun. In fact, they don’t even slow down. Retrograde-station-direct cycles are essentially illusions that result from our point of view from Earth, simply because the Earth is also orbiting the Sun at a different speed than the other planets.

When a planet or body is retrograde in the birth chart, its energies are turned inward. They’re often felt more strongly, but there is something about the planet’s energies that the native keeps hidden or undercover. There can be shyness, discomfort, or awkwardness delaying the expression of the planet’s energy directly or overtly.

Sometimes there is denial, something lacking, or something missing in early childhood, and there are delays associated with the retrograde planet’s energies. Perhaps for a Saturn retrograde person, there was a lack of discipline or structure, or possibly an authority figure in the childhood, and the native feels awkward in a situation that calls for specific rules or protocol as a result. On the flip side, there may have been overly strict influences in youth, and the end result is similar – the native often feels guilty and worries excessively about meeting responsibilities, how others think of them, and how to play by the rules. resources.

The retrograde in Transit



For the Aries Lagna, the 11th Lord and the 10th Lord goes retrograde in the 9th House. This resonates with issues regarding your money and your work. It encompasses a very wide area as the 11th House is very pivotal house. So, it is a great time to understand what you are going ahead with as regards your career and your income. You may need to retrace certain steps which may feel like going back. However, actually you are setting a few wrinkled corners straight so that you can take advantage of your pristine work when Saturn enters its own house in 2020.


For the Taurus Lagna, the 9th Lord nd the 10th Lord retrogrades in the 8th House in Purvaashada Nakshatra. There are a few fundamental beliefs and belief systems that need to undergo certain change for you. You need to work on certain aspects of letting go. It could relate to let go of a certain inheritance or work on certain aspect of your life. It needs you take a close look on your value system and work ethics.


For the Gemini Lagna, the 8th and 9th Lord retrograde in the 7th house. This is the time for you to reconsider and ponder on both personal and professional issues. Issues related to your married life and also your way of dealing with in laws. You may succeed in your attempts at a superficial level with your constant fights and struggle with them but it will have a very big toll on your married life as both the 9th and 7th houses are connected to married life and partnerships. It is a time Saturn gives you a chance to change and redeem your public persona and emerge as a better person. Being disciplined about your social engagements will lead you into becoming a known person to a great deal


For the Cancer Lagna, the 7th Lord and 8th Lord is retrograde in the 6th House. It is the time when you need to set your image straight and make necessary changes. It is also the time when you follow what your heart has to desire because it knows the answers. It is the time to set certain issues under litigations straight and to the point and find the loopholes that will help you win. As the 7th Lord goes under retrograde, your wife may also take to travelling. You may find some recurring work at home and travels as regards work to old locations will be frequent in the next few months.


For the Leo Lagna, the 6th Lord and the 7th Lord goes retrograde in the 7th House. It is the time when you need to reconsider your relationship with your children and rekindle your personal relationships. This is also the time when you need to consider your partnership from close quarters. Any romantic relationship from the past is likely to make way in your life once again. You may find situations where you may want to reconsider change of homes. You will also find it profitable if you restructure your source of income. It is also adviced that you maintain a steadiness in your speech and temper and not let it get the better of you.


For the Virgo Lagna, the 5th Lord and the 6th Lord goes retrograde in the 4th House. It is a time when your children may need to spread their wings and find themselves. You could aid them in this process. It is also a time when you could be spending on children. You could also be spending on the renovation or beautification of your old home. It is the time when you should improve on some business tactics and modus operndi. This will increase your ability to secure a better job. It is also a time when you need to strategise on how to handle disputes and litigations. You are likely to handle the old cases coming up for litigations, specially related to family and home.


For the Libra Lagna, the 4th Lord and the 5th Lord retrogrades in the 3rd House. You may be having thoughts abouts changing homes or having thoughts about your change in job. It is likely that you will have frequent travels for the job which is going to take you away from home. Your ability to connect with people will be tested as you question their beliefs and their ways of life. It is advised that you learn to rephrase your words to have a positive effect of guiding people that you wish for.


For the Scorpio Lagna, the 3rd Lord and the 4th Lord retrogrades in the 2nd House. Purvaashada represents early victory through tough, silent yet visible battles. It is time you understand the administrative factor in you to make great inroads into the world of finance. It is time for you to spend some quality time or give importance to your mother at this stage. This will help you activate the Saturn to take the required steps towards working on your courage. Saturn also rules your house of happiness and family so if you learn to adjust your routine so that you get to spend more time with your family, you will feel at peace and harmony even your own self.


For the Sagittarius Lagna, the 2nd Lord and the 3rd Lord retrogrades in the first house. It is the time when you need to pay strong attention to your inner voice. This is a good opportunity for you to reconsider your abilities and probably decide to taking up some practical form of studies. For the students, it is very essential that you learn to revise and redo your work till perfection. It is also important that you learn to be patient, polite and consistent in your efforts. When Saturn turns direct, you will be richly rewarded.


For the Capricorn Lagna, the Lagna Lord and the 2nd Lord retrogrades in the 12th House. This is time when you are called upon to make good changes in life. This is the final call for the Lagna Lord to bring in structural changes before it enters the Lagna or the sign of Capricorn. These changes will help you move on to higher levels as a person. Also, there would be a need for you to review your behaviour and ethical standards. Are you willing to give in to pressure or do you have the ability to stand your ground, and politely yet firmly prove your case.


For the Aquarius Lagna, the Lagna Lord and the 12th Lord retrogrades in the 11th House. A restructuring of your spendings and expenditure is the call of the day. It is time for you to understand the need of your family members and accomodate certain changes accordingly. A time when you need to concentrate on how to work on your social circle. It is the time to step down from the high horse and take a practical and more adjusting approach. This will help you enlarge your circle and create a far reaching name and fame for yourself.

It is also the time for you to reconsider your relationship with your children as they need your attention and care. As your Lagna Lord retrogrades in the 11th House, it gives you ample freedom to adjust life for when Saturn would transit the Lagna, it would be very definitive in its behaviour.


For the Pisces Lagna, the 12th and the 11th Lord retrogrades in the 10th House. Creating a balance and looking into each and every aspect of business which would reflect on your happiness becomes the part of your life. It is the time when pay close attention to things that influence your married life and happiness related to you. This is a good time for contemplation and making plans. When Saturn and Jupiter go direct you can definitely implement them..