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Jupiter Transits to Mula Nakshatra in Sagittarius

MOOLA Sanskrit English मूल adj. original मूल n. root मूल n. source मूल n. basis मूल n. base Moola means basics or the root. The center of the galaxy lies in the asterism of the stars that make the Moola Nakshatra, so this Nakshatra becomes the fulcrum of the existence for the Milky Way. It… Continue reading Jupiter Transits to Mula Nakshatra in Sagittarius


Jupiter in Anuradha 2nd Pada from 12th November to 26th November Anuradha means the one younger to Radha. It also means happiness and the subsequent success. Being ruled by Mitra it brings in much friendliness and a lot of help as it literally translates into a friend. The second part of Anuradha is a pushkar navamsha which denotes… Continue reading PLANET THIS WEEK – JUPITER

Hidden facts about Retrograde PART 1

For far too long retrograde planets have been misunderstood or not understood at all by too many students of astrology. Retrogrades are not really “all bad.” In fact, retrograde planets provide an alarming level of insight. However, their expression is subject to a number of factors. For instance, Mercury direct loves communication being the Lord… Continue reading Hidden facts about Retrograde PART 1