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Mars Transits To Leo

SARAVALI CHAPTER 4 SLOKA – 35 लग्ने जीव बूधौ दिवाकर कुजौ व्योम्नि स्मरे भास्करि र्बन्धाविन्दुसितौ दिशाकृतमिदं स्वौच्चे स्वकोणे स्वभे । मित्र स्वांशकसंस्थितः शुभफलैदृष्टो बलीयान् ग्रहः स्त्रीक्षेत्रे शशिभार्गवौ नरगृहे शेषा बले स्थानजे ।। 35।। If a planet is an exaltation, moolatrikona, own house, friendly house your own Navamsha and aspected by benefic, it assumes strength. The… Continue reading Mars Transits To Leo


Mars in Ashwini from 6th February 2019 to 26th February 2019 Ashwini Ashwini Nakshatra is the first Nakshatra of the in the series of the 28 Nakshatras. The Ashwini Kumars called Natsya and Dasra are the celestial physicians who are always on the travel. As in their travels, they come across many a person who… Continue reading PLANET THIS WEEK – MARS

Planet This Week – MARS

Mars in Dhanistha from Mars is a planet of energy and vitality. As per Uttarakalamrita Mars stands for, soldier, commander, younger brother, battle, enemies, controversies, fire, blood, marrow, charitable nature, steadfastness, anger, youth, courageous behavior, abusing or criticizing people, skill in archery, weapons etc. Dhanistha is the Nakshatra of excellence and wealth. Connected to the… Continue reading Planet This Week – MARS