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MERCURY in Shravana from 27th January 2019 to 3rd February 2019 Shravana śravaṇa (श्रवण).—n (S) 1.Hearing. 2 The sense or the organ of hearing. 3.The twenty-second nakshatra or lunar asterism. śravaṇamanananididhyāsa Hearkening or hearing, mentally revolving, and intently contemplating or considering. These three are the appointed exercises of all derived intelligencies towards the apprehension of Knowledge or… Continue reading PLANET THIS WEEK – MERCURY


Mercury Retrograde in Jyestha 1st Pada from 17th November to 7th December Mercury is the planet of communication and electronic media. It also represents education and trade and commerce. As we are well aware, trade and commerce cannot be worked on unless communication is effective, Mercury becomes a key planet in any business activity. Jyestha Nakshatra is ruled… Continue reading PLANET THIS WEEK – MERCURY

Hidden facts about Retrograde PART 1

For far too long retrograde planets have been misunderstood or not understood at all by too many students of astrology. Retrogrades are not really “all bad.” In fact, retrograde planets provide an alarming level of insight. However, their expression is subject to a number of factors. For instance, Mercury direct loves communication being the Lord… Continue reading Hidden facts about Retrograde PART 1