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Sun in Sagittarius from 16th December 2018 to 14th January 2019 A planet because of which life exists on earth, the Sun holds the place of the life giver for us. In Vedic Astrology, it has been compared to the king and also the father, atma or the soul. Every month, the Aditya or the Sun of… Continue reading PLANET THIS WEEK – SUN

Mars Transits To Leo

SARAVALI CHAPTER 4 SLOKA – 35 लग्ने जीव बूधौ दिवाकर कुजौ व्योम्नि स्मरे भास्करि र्बन्धाविन्दुसितौ दिशाकृतमिदं स्वौच्चे स्वकोणे स्वभे । मित्र स्वांशकसंस्थितः शुभफलैदृष्टो बलीयान् ग्रहः स्त्रीक्षेत्रे शशिभार्गवौ नरगृहे शेषा बले स्थानजे ।। 35।। If a planet is an exaltation, moolatrikona, own house, friendly house your own Navamsha and aspected by benefic, it assumes strength. The… Continue reading Mars Transits To Leo

All You Need To Know About The May Babies ‘Taurus’

It is the time to deal with the most hot-headed sign ‘Taurus’. The upcoming month is dedicated to Taurean! Taurus falls between April 21- May 21. According to Vedic Astrologers, It is the second astrological sign of the zodiac. Taurus is a symbol of ‘Bull’, the element is Earth and ruled by Venus, just like… Continue reading All You Need To Know About The May Babies ‘Taurus’

Saturn Retrograde in PurvaAshada

Purvaashada Purvaashada is the Nakshatra called Former Conquered. Ruled by Venus, its Vedic Deity is Apah – the Water Goddess. Purvaashada has the ability to withdraw the potential of people from within and bring it to light. The latent energy is brought to light and the person is guided to valuable insights in life. The… Continue reading Saturn Retrograde in PurvaAshada

Jupiter Transits to Mula Nakshatra in Sagittarius

MOOLA Sanskrit English मूल adj. original मूल n. root मूल n. source मूल n. basis मूल n. base Moola means basics or the root. The center of the galaxy lies in the asterism of the stars that make the Moola Nakshatra, so this Nakshatra becomes the fulcrum of the existence for the Milky Way. It… Continue reading Jupiter Transits to Mula Nakshatra in Sagittarius


Rahu Ketu return is defined as the period when the nodes return to the position they were placed in the Natal Chart. Rahu and Ketu return singles a period of between 18 to 19 years. For example, if Rahu for a person is placed in Gemini then this return would be 17 to 18 years… Continue reading PLANET OF THE WEEK – RAHU / KETU RETURN


RAHU TRANSITING THE NAKSHATRA OF PUNARVASU PADA 3 Rahu transits the Purvaashada Nakshatra Pada 3 in Gemini on 7th March as per mean nodes and 22nd March as per true nodes. These are calculations that are associated with this shadowy planet. It transits this pada for a period of 60 days. RAHU Rahu is not… Continue reading PLANET THIS WEEK – RAHU


AQUARIUS- Aquarius is a fixed sign owned by Rahu and Saturn. These two planets together depict change. Being a fixed sign Aquarius also denotes stubbornness, specially of the mind as it is also an Airy sign. As the air element is always on the move and shows no attachment to a place, person or object,… Continue reading PLANET THIS WEEK – SUN IN AQUARIUS


Venus in Moola from 27th January 2019 to 10th February 2019 Mula मूल adj. mUla original मूल n. mUla root मूल n. mUla source मूल n. mUla base मूल n. mUla basis मूल n. mUla root directory मूल n. mUla origin Mula marks the point where the galactic center intersects the Zodiac which is the… Continue reading PLANET THIS WEEK – VENUS


MERCURY in Shravana from 27th January 2019 to 3rd February 2019 Shravana śravaṇa (श्रवण).—n (S) 1.Hearing. 2 The sense or the organ of hearing. 3.The twenty-second nakshatra or lunar asterism. śravaṇamanananididhyāsa Hearkening or hearing, mentally revolving, and intently contemplating or considering. These three are the appointed exercises of all derived intelligencies towards the apprehension of Knowledge or… Continue reading PLANET THIS WEEK – MERCURY