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As soon as Brother Aries had stepped out of the chamber, Sister Taurus moved up slowly to take the next place. GOD looked at this child with pride and gifted her the gift of HARDWORK and PATIENCE.

With a strong heave, Lady Taurus moved into the chambers. Being a bull, she was as well built as they come. She took a long turn around the vast chamber before taking a decision. Taureans never hurry in their decision making and once a decision is made, they stick to it through and through. One round through the chamber was enough for her to realise that Brother Aries in his haste did not take anything of material value. Not surprised as she knew that her sibling had more interest in adventure and chartering unknown territories than money, she thanked her luck and went about collecting the riches in the chamber. The riches that were scattered all around included gold, precious stones, money, painting of immense value. If she found anything which was beautiful and worthy it went on her big broad back. And so, from then on, Taurus has been the sign for wealth, finance, art and prosperity in general.

It is not just about getting that wealth, it also relates to creating this wealth. The gifts of hard work that results in the generating this wealth is also associated with this sign. The immense patience required to hone the skills to do the work to generate wealth and self-reliance that is a necessary attribute to succeed all fall in the zone of our sister Taurus. She instinctively knew that the worth of a person would be measured by their wealth and talents and so she set out to own each one of them.

Being so practical and down to Earth, she knew that she would always be looked upon by others to give advice so she also took education as one of her wealth. The ability to stick to her decisions, sometimes bordering on stubbornness, made her reliable and trustworthy of her words and actions in the eyes of her loved ones. The ability to streamline projects and remain focused even in the most chaotic of situations made her dependable and mentally tough and resilient. With all these gifts and the ability to create more, Lady Taurus meandered out of the chamber and headed for putting her best to help the inhabitants of Earth.

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Denise Anderson is a Canadian American actress and model. Anderson is best known for her roles on the television series Home Improvement, Baywatch and V.I.P. after rising to fame as Playmate of the Month for Playboy magazine in February 1990.

Anderson was born in Ladysmith, British Columbia, the daughter of Barry, a furnace repairman, and Carol Anderson, a waitress.

Anderson’s Playboy career spans 22 years, and she has appeared on more Playboy covers than any other model. She has also made appearances in the publication’s newsstand specials. Anderson wrote the foreword in the Playboy coffee table book Playboy’s Greatest Covers.

Anthony Charles Lynton Blair (born 6 May 1953) is a British politician who served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1997 to 2007 and Leader of the Labour Party from 1994 to 2007.

After completing his undergraduate courses, Blair renewed his commitment to following his father’s career path. He enrolled in law school at Oxford University, graduating with a law degree in 1975.

Tony Blair’s fortune now stands at some £60 million – As a lawyer he has been receiving tens of millions of pounds in fees from private clients around the world.