Anuradha Sharda Vedic Astrologer & Tarot Coach India

Jeyagobi Kanniah

I started a few lessons and busy and tired with my work, I just started to get back again reviewing the lessons I am happy with the lessons video and the PDF its extremely helpful, I should say you are going step by step I don’t see any confusion as long as we follow you.  Thank… Continue reading Jeyagobi Kanniah

Ashvani Kumar Verma

It has been a very informative and nice journey so far, The way content was explained and the attention that has been given, I am very grateful to teachers. I learned basic in a new perspective with example given by teachers how to understand & use a Sloka.  

Lavanya Subramaniyam

Dear Anuradha Sharda and Bettina Brodbeck, Thanks for the course. Its been a wonderful journey with all of you for last 11 weeks. I learned a lot as a beginner and it needs more effort from me to master this. Thanks Bettina Brodbeck for all the quick uploads to the mediafire folders which is very… Continue reading Lavanya Subramaniyam

Sunehali Sharma

Anuradha ma’am, I am here giving you a short feedback on the course. I might come back with another feedback at the end of the course (hope it’s okay with you!). So here is my feedback for now: At first, I was not sure if I should do this course or not but something inside me… Continue reading Sunehali Sharma

Krista Johnson

I am truly enjoying it, Anuradha! much of this is due to having you teach it, as you are truly a very gifted teacher. The stories you tell on the side of the main subject have been very much appreciated as it is real application of the cards. I have been out of my astrology… Continue reading Krista Johnson

Nazem Alkudsi

Namaste Dear Anuradha, My respect, affection and admiration to you on this important day, I am great-full for all the knowledge you are passing to me thru multiple means and venues. May the Grace of the Devi protect and bestow happiness & prosperity on you. With kind regards,  

Marina Litvak

Dear Anuradha Sharda, Thank you very much for the knowledge you passing to me. Excellent class! Much more than I expected. I like the points precisely explain to each nakshatra. I love Puranas stories and the pictures. I don’t remember any text and numbers, only images and stories. Would be nice to know more about… Continue reading Marina Litvak


Hello Madam, Nakshatra course has been an immensely powerful one for a beginner like me. Explanation of puranic stories and their application on charts has been a powerful tool to help us understand the subtle nature of functioning of different aspects of Nakshatras. Amount of time devoted to each & every chat message during every… Continue reading Ram

Anu Jain

Madam, Many many congratulations on the publishing of your book ’27 NAK and 27 DAYS. I wish to buy it. As watching your video on’ YouTube ‘ and the discussion of the ADRA NAK of your NAK. class The horoscope in which divorce was discussed, was very much true there was too much interference of… Continue reading Anu Jain


Respected ma’am the nakashtra course is one of best,i have attended till now. very well organised, excellent presenatation, great content. All the hardwork and honest eagerness to share knowledge is simply awesome. very pleasing graceful personality As an individual madam has earned great respect in my mind for all above qualities. I sincerely wish to… Continue reading GOPAL SHARMA