Anuradha Sharda Vedic Astrologer & Tarot Coach India


Hi madam,  It was great talking to you. Your detailed analysis of my horoscope helped me a lot.  You were accurate to point out the things which i was undergoing in my life. Thanks once again for guiding me. 

Vikrant Mahesh Babu

Here is my review:” Anuradha mam is extremely accommodating and precise. She lets you know your weaknesses without any mercy. Her analysis is like hammering a nail to a wall, bang on. Of course, her devotion to her craft is beyond the virtues of explanation” You opened my eyes mam. I was clouded by my… Continue reading Vikrant Mahesh Babu

Devang Pandhi

Thank u so much mam this was a wonderful session My concerns were resolved in the most appropriate manner I infact look forward for another session in near future  this was enlightening session ???

Rishabh Kumar

We all try to be better but what if the reason, strength and the direction is not known?  The best part about the consultation was Anuradha ji was able to point out the reason and then show the way as well to get better at it,  including the inherent strength that we have. I am… Continue reading Rishabh Kumar

Dr. Gunjan Sharma

India It was a very nice experience for me to get my reading done by you. You have given me lots of insight to deeply think about. I will definitely work on my shortcomings. Your assessment about me was to the point. I really appreciate your kind guidance. Thanks a lot.

Bharat Gupta

Thanks a lot Anuradhaji for your precious time and invaluable guidance….Your guidance will certainly help us to create an atmosphere for guiding our daughter in a more fruitful direction. Thanks once again. I pray the Almighty to endow you with sufficient strength to guide a lot of needy ones like us. May God keep on… Continue reading Bharat Gupta

Aman Patel

I came across Anuradha Madam’s website after watching her in several astrology videos on youtube. The consultation was insightful and Anuradha Madam answered all my questions. There were some aspects of my life that I needed clarity and she did not hesitate in helping me out with it. I will definitely come to her again… Continue reading Aman Patel

Karthik Srinivas

Took a nakshatra-analysis from Sharda mam. Her predictions about my nature and attitude were so accurate. Practical remedies were given. I took consultations with other astrologers but this consultation in unique and gave me satisfaction.  Anuradha ji really charges less when compared to others.

Abhishek Vyas

I thank Anuradha Ji for the consultation.I could fathom the energies and the patterns which nakshatra bring in my life.Its a SWOT analysis for me and I could now clearly fathom my strength’s that had worked in my way and why they had worked  ,speaking to her felt like speaking to some guiding light in… Continue reading Abhishek Vyas

sai dobui

Thank you for the reading Anuradha. What I liked most was your honest and insightful knowledge. The reading really helped me to see and pinpoint the karmic debts I’m needing to repay and work on in this life. At the same time, I’m very fortunate for all my blessings as seen in my chart. You… Continue reading sai dobui