Anuradha Sharda Vedic Astrologer & Tarot Coach India

Sigita Bagdoniene

Namaste Dear Teacher Anuradha Ji, The course is very interesting, and unique. Completely other angle of the perception to the Taro. Very clear format of the course, very well organized. It was really the pleasure for the mind and soul to learn in this course. The course I must say, is unique – specially to… Continue reading Sigita Bagdoniene

Mukti Devi

Indeed, Anuradha Ji is a great teacher, not only a tarot but also a brilliant Jyotish teacher! I´m very blessed to be able to learn under her guidance

Neena Bidikar

Hello Anuradhaji, I have a great experience in tarot, you are an excellent teacher, Teaching qualities that I really appreciate and liked, is, clear voice, loud enough to hear and understand, your pace of speech is very good to get to understand every word. The PPTs are impeccable. Good part is we have the recordings… Continue reading Neena Bidikar