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The Different Vedic Astrology Myths and Misconceptions Busted

Jyotish Shashtra, or the practice of reading stars and planets, has been an integral part of human life for many years. However, this ancient science of Vedic astrology has been misunderstood equally. While this tool is powerful, since it navigates and empower every person, one should also consider the myths and misconceptions about Vedic astrology consultation in detail.

Common Myths Associated with Astrological Science
1. This is a Psychic or Paranormal Activity

The discipline of Vedic astrology finds its root in studying the stars and the universal planet’s position. It is usually based upon the assessment of the birth charts so that the astrologer acquires information about the person’s life. The map is a real imprint of the universe itself. Hence it is not at all mysterious or paranormal.

2. It can change the future.

People often make this dangerous assumption about Vedic astrology. While the Jyotish can correctly predict your future, they cannot change it. Instead, this science can be utilized as a tool for self-empowerment, based on which you can make conscious and impactive decisions in your life.

Astrology aims to make you aware so that your life stays aligned with the celestial bodies’ positioning. By pointing out what is wrong, you can guide your life better.

3. It is merely about Zodiac or Horoscope.

This is a commonly associated myth that Vedic astrology in India is similar to horoscope reading. However, the truth is that it is majorly about the planetary positions and karma. The birth seed is checked, following the universal movements. This determines the potentiality in your life. The astrologers comprehend your destiny, innate nature, and how it can be linked to the sun, moon, and stars.

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