Anuradha Sharda Vedic Astrologer & Tarot Coach India

The Seven Planets And Their Attributes That Rules Our Life

Anyone with a bit of knowledge knows that there are total of 9 planets in astrology that have an effect on our life. These planets are Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu. As per Vedic astrologers in India, each of these planets has some major attributes that have an effect on people after a certain age. Today I am going to tell you about the first seven planets, their attributes, and their maturity age. As for Rahu and Ketu, they are mostly called Karmic control planets where Rahu is the inlet of Karma and Ketu is the outlet of Karma. They are both said to be in effect when your past is trying to catch up with you.

The first planet is the Sun. The sun influences everyone to shine in a particular area or zone. You would want to make something of yourself trying to be good at what you do. The maturity age of the Sun is 22. When you reach 22, you will want to try and reach your potential in the house Sun is posited or own as per your chart.

The second planet is the Moon. You will go through a lot of changes when influenced by this planet. It could be your career, your personal life, or maybe both. These changes are not bad rather can be beneficial to you. The maturity age of the moon is 24.

The third planet is Mars. Mars is all about energy and passion. If you are passionate about something, this planet will encourage you to pursue that passion. If you are influenced by this planet, you will always be eager to become the best person in whichever house this planet is posited and owns. The maturity age of Mars is 28.

Mercury, as the fourth planet, is known to be the planet that influences the art of presentation. You will be noticed more if you carefully present yourself to others, whether it’s when you are communicating or working. The maturity age of mercury is 32.

Jupiter, the fifth planet is the Guru, who is expansive in nature. It brings in good fortune, and maximum expansion is possible in whatever field it represents in the chart. The maturity age of Jupiter is 16.

Venus is all about the pleasures of life. The sixth planet has a role in bringing all kinds of pleasures of life. At its point of maturity, which is 25, you will be able to reach the height of success in your life.

The seventh planet, Saturn, has the attribute of luggage of Karma, the need for discipline, Area of responsibility, and Skill Development. You will need to develop your skills and become responsible in order to succeed. The age of maturity for Saturn is 36.

As per Vedic astrologers in India, there are a lot of factors that shape up your life, taking into consideration which planet you are being influenced by. So, if you want to know more about what happens after reaching the age of maturity of a planet, watch these videos.