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Time To Know The Difference Between Vedic And Western Astrology

Want to become the master of your own destiny so that you can bring some meaningful changes to your life? Get in touch with a reputable astrologer. A majority of them specialise in Vedic and Western Astrology. There are numerous Vedic astrologers scattered all over India. Look for someone with years of experience in the field of Occult.

Anuradha Sharda is a renowned Vedic Astrologer in India and a Tarot Coach. She has more than 20 years of experience and has worked on Nadi Nakshatra, Praveena level 1 & 2. She has also done a few advanced astrology courses. If you want to get a clearer picture of your future, know more about this field of astrology.

Vedic Astrology – Know Its History
It is also known as Hindu Astrology or Jyotisa (a Sanskrit term meaning light/ heavenly body). It first appeared in Rig Veda during 10000 BC. Vedic astrology has the essence of the spiritual traditions and myths of our culture. Over the years, Jyotish has been accepted as a form of science and part of our lifestyle. It was earlier used to know the vital dates when religious rituals and sacrifices could be performed.

Its popularity has enhanced over the years and has become more personalised. Nowadays, people are even undergoing Vedic astrology courses to study the planetary movements and get a clearer picture of their destiny. It has a connection with other Indian practices like Ayurveda and yoga. The similarity between Vedic and Western Astrology is that both provide a road map or guide to understand one’s emotional, physical, monetary and spiritual experiences.

The 12 Vedic Signs
Aries or Mesha – People born between April 13 and May 14 share this Vedic sign.
Taurus or Vrishaba – People born between May 15 and June 14 share this Vedic sign.
Gemini or Mithuna – People born between June 15 and July 14 share this Vedic sign.
Cancer or Karkata – People born between July 15 and August 14 share this Vedic sign.
Leo or Simha – People born between August 15 and September 15 share this Vedic sign.
Virgo or Kanya – People born between September 16 and October 15 share this Vedic sign.
Libra or Tula – People born between October 16 and November 14 share this Vedic sign.
Scorpio or Vrishchika – People born between November 15 and December 14 share this Vedic sign.
Sagittarius or Dhanus – People born between December 15 and January 13 share this Vedic sign.
Capricorn or Makara – People born between January 14 and February 11 share this Vedic sign.
Aquarius or Kumbha – People born between February 12 and March 12 share this Vedic sign.
Pisces or Meena – People born between March 13 and April 12 share this Vedic sign.
Though the characteristics of the signs in both Vedic and Western astrology are similar, their dates differ. The Vedic sign dates are studied to calculate one’s Vedic chart.