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Why Is The Nakshatra Calendar Important For Every Individual

According to Vedic Astrologers in India, the ancient Hindu stages divided the zodiac into 27 Nakshatras. Starting from Ashwini Nakshatra and ends with Revati Nakshatra. Nakshatra is the most important part of the Vedic astrology as in the ancient times, the parameter to understand the charts was Nakshatras. The Hindus have been counting on the Nakshatra to ordain the auspicious dates, to time auspicious events and to understand compatibilities for marriages and also to time marriages.

Nakshatra Calender

To define the characteristics of each person, one needs to depend on Nakshatra analysis. But it is not an easy task as it needs proper knowledge to perform. That is why, I worked on the Nakshatra calendar for those, who want to know more about how Nakshatras work. In my Nakshatra calendar, I included all 27 Nakshatra, starting with Ashwini and ending with Revati Nakshatra. Each Nakshatra has different points with their special characteristics. Some of these aspects are as follows-

Nakshatra Shakti (Power):

Shakti means power. It defines what power each Nakshatra consists of and its possible achievements.

Nakshatra Deity:

Deity means God. Each Nakshatra is associated with a God or Devta. Each God possesses different characteristics and bring show diverse effects for each Nakshatra.

Nakshatra Symbol:

Each Nakshatra has a specific symbol or symbols. Symbols personify the Nakshatras more precisely and also help the people to understand the Nakshatra more accurately.

Nakshatra Planet:

We all know that each Nakshatra ruled by a different planet. So, knowing the particular ruling planet is important.


Nakshatras are broadly classified under the three heads of Deva (divine), Manushya (human) and Rakshasa (Demonic).


The animal shows different characteristics of people born under a particular Nakshatra.

Essential Oil:

Do you know each Nakshatra has a different essential oil’s effect? As per Vedic Astrologers, Natives who suffer from a mental breakdown, the essential oil will help them get relief from it. In my Nakshatra calendar, I have included important essential oil for different Nakshatra.


According to our chakra system, mudras can help you improve your health condition. In the Nakshatra calendar, you will find about your mudra and will get to know how it works for you.


I also briefly about the meditation of each Nakshatra in my calendar. It is all about how will you meditate and what will be the result.

My Nakshatra calendar will help you to know about yourself (characteristics) and other in details. If you want a details Nakshatra analysis, Visit our Nakshatra Analysis Page